New York School of Burlesque on Tour!

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The New York School of Burlesque has presented classes around the world! We've taught tassel-twirling, seduction, and comic narrative from New York to New Zealand.

If you want us to bring our classes to your location, email us at We can bring you classes on any subject related to burlesque, including full weekend workshops on creating numbers. Ask us about our instructors, or check out this page to learn more about them. We curate carefully for the most experienced teachers--not only do we represent the most experienced performers, but also instructors with a real gift for bringing out the best in their students.

In association with Miss Indigo Blue, Reigning Queen of Burlesque, we also curate and produce classes at Burlycon and The Burlesque Hall of Fame.

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The one and only New York School of Burlesque takes the showgirl on the road when Headmistress Jo "Boobs" Weldon (named Best & Hottest Teacher by the Village Voice) brings classes from the New York School of Burlesque to fabulous cities across the Midwest. Learn bump and grind from the woman who wrote the book on burlesque... literally. Copies of The Burlesque Handbook will be available for purchase, or bring your own and Jo will sign it for you! With special guest instructor Jonny Porkpie.

July 7: Kansas City, MO
The Living Room, 1818 McGee -
July 9: Minneapolis, MN
at The Playful Peacock Academy -
July 11: Madison, WI
at A Woman's Touch -
July 13 - Des Moines, IA
Des Moines Social Club, Kirkwood Theater 400 Walnut St
July 16 - Chicago, IL
at Studio L'Amour -
In conjunction with the GRAB MY JUNK summer tour. Jo appears with Grab My Junk in 07/06 KANSAS CITY, MO * 07/08 MINNEAPOLIS, MN * 07/11 MADISON, WI * 07/13 DES MOINES, IA * 07/14 MILWAUKEE, WI * 07/16 CHICAGO, IL -- more info:
CLASSES OFFERED INCLUDE(Check local listings for which are available in your town):
Bring what you've got! The point of this class is to make stripping out of anything dazzling. Bring a hoodie, sunglasses, a corset, a belt, thigh high boots, jeans, what have you, and Jo will help you find an artful way to remove it. Striptease is the msot unique element of burlesque performance, so hone your striptease till it's razor sharp! Concepts such as "Showing Them What You're Showing Them," "Eye Contact with an Audience You Can't See," "Why Lingerie is Not a Costume," and "How to Alter Street Clothing for the Stage" will be discussed. No matter what your level of performance, you'll be a better stripper after you leave this class! Please bring one to three items of clothing (accessories are fine) for this class. Do not bring costume pieces.
burlesque, ass tassels, tassel-twirling
Jo "Boobs" Weldon • Everybody twirls! For every level and every gender.
Pasties are a unique part of burlesque costuming, and tassel-twirling is a unique element of burlesque movement! The history of pasties and tassel-twirling is just the beginning of a class that will have you doing things you never thought possible! We will work to find your unique ability and get you beyond the basic bounce. Learn how to twirl in every direction and on every part of your body. We'll discuss the construction of various kinds of pasties, advantages of different adhesives and types of tassels, and how to choreograph an act that incorporates pasties as more than just a predictable ending. Basic pasties will be provided but we strongly recommend bringing your own if you have them, as many pasties work differently and we want to optimize your experience. Please note, unless you bring a garment with tassels sewn into the appropriate spots, you will have to have bare skin for the pasties to adhere properly. Even if you think tassel twirling is not your thing, you won't want to miss this opportunity to have hands-on training from a woman who has taught thousands of people all over the world to twirl.
Jo "Boobs" Weldon
Which is the realest thing--classic glamourous burlesque, or neo-burlesque with a topical twist? Jo would not be passionate about burlesque if it were only one or the other. However, this class is about finding what's rebellious and individualistic in our attraction to glamour and to the icons of mid-twentieth century burlesque striptease. Through exercises, discussion, and examinations of costume and bodily presentation, Jo will describe why she believes that objectification and display as it manifests in burlesque, circus, drag, fetish, and performance art is more than the search for another pretty face.

Jonny Porkpie • Appropriate for: All Levels You have the amazing costume—whether dazzlingly bejeweled silk corset or burlap gunny sack. You have the brilliant concept—whether neo, classic, or downright insane. You have the incredible moves—whether bump and grind, shake and shimmy, kick and stomp, or trip and fall. So how can you take your act to the next level? The answer may just be: Arc. Arc, the rising tension that builds in your number from lights up to dress down. From the moment the curtains open, you have approximately four minutes to establish, develop, and conclude a burlesque mini-drama... all while taking off your clothes. Jonny Porkpie, producer and co-creator of Pinchbottom Burlesque ("New York's masters of theater-burlesque fusion" -Burlesque Magazine) will uncover the dramatic structure of a burlesque act, from establishing your concept in the first few moments on stage, and building that concept up into a finale that will bring your audience to its feet. Whether a story-based number or a classic tease, a fall-down-laughing comedy act or a slow seduction, a character exploration, an acrobatic extravaganza, or all six at once, a good arc can be the difference between an audience liking your act... and loving it.

In 2012, The New York School of Burlesque joins forces with the School of Burlesque in Milan to bring you a series of workshops!