Sunday, May 24, 2009

Reigning Queen of Burlesque Contender: Ophelia Flame

Friday, May 22, 2009

Best Group Contender: The Amazing Knicker Kittens

Thursday, May 21, 2009


The Burlesque Hall of Fame, The New York School of Burlesque, and The Academy of Burlesque
are delighted to announce the second year of


Learn Burlesque from the Ladies Who Made It Classic!


Saturday June 6, 2009, 10am – 3pm
The Orleans Hotel, Second Floor

Last year’s classes with Wild Cherry, Marinka, and Tura Satana SOLD OUT! Do not delay!


Enrollment for each class limited to 10 participants to ensure individual attention. Registration for all classes is by advance purchase ONLY. Tickets are non-refundable, except if we have to cancel in the event of an emergency. Each class is $75.

10 AM: Bump N Grind with Dee Milo!
The Bump N Grind is one of the defining movements of burlesque dance. Learn these hot moves from a legend of burlesque who was a star performer in the 1950s and still performs at the Burlesque Hall of Fame! Wear stretchy comfortable clothing and bring a pair of dance shoes! *note – the room is carpeted*

11 AM: Dancing and Stripping with Panel Skirts with Toni Elling!
Panel skirts, brought to the burlesque stage by 1940s legend Sherry Britton, are gaining new appreciation in the neo-burlesque movement for their ability to convey both grace and fire. Learn how to manipulate them with beauty and passion from a mistress of the form! If you have a panel skirt, bring it! Wear stretchy comfortable clothing and bring a pair of dance shoes! *note – the room is carpeted*

1 PM: Classic Burlesque Costume Secrets with Big Fannie Annie
Fannie made Satan’s Angel’s amazing purple duster as seen in her fire tassels routine – learn some of the secrets of design and construction directly from Annie! She will cover dusters, panels, gauntlets, bras, & g-strings, as well as Mae West-styled hats and showgirl headpieces. Annie owns one of the last sequin sewing machines in the US, and may share some of her tips for sewing sequin with a regular sewing machine. Bring a notebook and a pen!

2 PM: Plumage! Everything Big Fannie Annie knows about Feathers
Fannie will share the pearls of her wisdom on everything she knows about feathers! Learn boa repair and re-stringing, and tips on creating a new one. Learn secrets for dying, curling, cleaning, and maintaining feathers. Fannie will be bringing fan staves to show the art of building and repairing your own fans. Bring a notebook and a pen!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best Boylesque Contender: Paco Fish

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Best Debut Contender: Melody Mangler

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Operation Bombshell!

Operation Bombshell


Operation Bombshell is the world's only burlesque school for military wives. Started by Lily Burana, herself an Army wife, Operation Bombshell aims to provide much needed entertainment and amusement for women whose husbands are deployed in the Global War on Terror.

Ms. Burana came up with the idea for Operation Bombshell after enduring her own "deployment blues." Her husband, then an Army Intelligence officer, was fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Burana longed for something to lift her spirits. Later, during a little "retail therapy" lingerie shopping, she found that the salesgirl was herself a sad, lonely military wife, and Burana wished she could offer her some cheer and healing distraction. In that instant, Operation Bombshell was born.

Operation Bombshell teaches classic burlesque moves in an easy, accessible way. This is NOT a striptease class and the class does not involve any nudity. Students are encouraged to wear workout gear and comfortable shoes to class—you can be sexy in a sweatsuit!

Ms. Burana does not charge a fee for her classes, and she schedules her classes at the wives' request. The class is choreographed by burlesque star Jo Weldon, founder of the New York School of Burlesque. Ms. Burana regrets that she can only teach on or near military installations in the continental United States.

If you are interested in having Operation Bombshell come to your post or base, please email Ms. Burana for more information: lily (dot) burana (at) Thank you!

Reigning Queen of Burlesque Contender: Peekaboo Pointe, NYC

I'll be posting photos or videos of contenders in the upcoming pageant until I leave for Vegas, so if you want to recommend a photo or video of one of the performers on the list in the post below, send a link to me at

And, look for my upcoming regular feature, Teacher Tips, on Kelly DiNardo's The Candy Pitch!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Gypsy Rose Lee Biographies--At Last!

Finally, biographies about Gypsy Rose Lee!

'When Gypsy's activities on behalf of Spain's anti-fascists and other causes first drew the attention of the House Un-American Activities Committee, she used humor to deflect a request that she appear, offering her dressing room as an alternate venue for hearings. She was less successful during a later red scare when she was among 151 artists identified as subversives in Red Channels. But she had supporters. "Chances are that any investigations will show that if Gypsy approached any Red groups it was like her performance," the Milwaukee Journal wrote in 1950. "She stopped and always just in time."
'Gypsy "brings the con in striptease to the surface," writes Rachel Shteir. "She was promising sex, but she was delivering its illusion, playing three-card monte with her audience's desire." If Frankel's book is a thick biographical brocade, Shteir's Gypsy: The Art of the Tease (Yale University Press) is more of a winding feather boa that encircles many of the same events while extending to American motifs of self-fashioning and self-revelation. Gypsy "transformed stripping into something more than the banal physical act of taking off her clothes by making it into a fable about her life," writes the scholar, an associate professor at DePaul University's theater school. "She "never took it all off, yet she invented modern striptease. She exposed Americans' longing for fun and sensuality, but also predicted our pathological urge to reveal everything."'

Read more at The Chronicle Review

Burlesque Hall of Fame Pageant 2009 Lineup!


2009 Reigning Queen of Burlesque
1) Kalani Kokonuts
2) Kristina Nekyia
3) Little Brooklyn
4) Lux LaCroix
5) Miss Indigo Blue
6) Ophelia Flame
7) Pearl Noire
8) Peekaboo Pointe
9) Renea LeRoux
10) Roxi D’Lite
11) Tatah DuJour
12) Trixie Little
13) Vivienne VaVoom

2009 Best Debut
1) Dinah Might
2) Madame Rosebud
3) Melody Mangler
4) Rita Star
5) Shanghai Pearl
6) Sugar Kane
7) Trixie Sparkle
8) Vicky Sin

2009 Best Group
1) Bellini Twins
2) Chicago Starlets
3) Flying Caribe
4) Foxy and the Wham-Bam Thank You Ma’ams
5) The Amazing Knicker Kittens

2009 Best Variety
1) Arabella Trapeze
2) Gigi and Pop
3) Oona Tramp Band

2009 Best Boylesque
1) Hot Toddy
2) Paco Fish
3) The Evil Hate Monkey

Friday, May 1, 2009

Burlesque Denied!

"PRUDISH Camden Council has been blasted as "Orwellian" after banning burlesque dancers taking to the borough's stages.