Saturday, May 31, 2008

Breast Defense in BUST Magazine!

There's an article about The Keep A Breast Foundation in the June/July issue of BUST Magazine (which also features some of my favorite busty burlesque performers!).

Here's an announcement from the Burlesque Hall of Fame
'May 12, 2008, Las Vegas, NV - The Burlesque Hall of Fame and The Keep A Breast Foundation are pleased to announce the opening of Breast Defense: Glamour Girls For Early Detection, an exhibition of one-of-a-kind plaster molds cast from the busts of such legendary burlesque icons as Tempest Storm and Tura Satana (Miss Japan Beautiful, Russ Meyer's Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!), as well as modern day neo-burlesque and pinup sensations Immodesty Blaize (Miss Exotic World 2007), Michelle L'amour (Miss Exotic World 2006, America's Got Talent), Jami Deadly, Sabina Kelley and Heidi van Horne and many, many others.
'Customized by today's most exciting contemporary artists--including Amy Sol, David LaChapelle, Derek Hess, Elizabeth McGrath, Gary Baseman, Iggy Pop, Jerry Misko, Kat von D, Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), KRK Ryden, Mark Mothersbaugh, Mitch O'Connell, Tim Biskup and Hi-Fructose co-publishers Annie Owens and Attaboy--the casts will be on display at Downtown Las Vegas' The Fallout Gallery from May 23-June 28, 2008.'

Here's a picture of me with my casting, taken last year in downtown Las Vegas:
Hey, My Eyes are Up Here
The inevitable caption: "Hey, my eyes are up here!"

I took this photo in the hotel room where the casts were set to finish drying:

It looks maybe a little spooky, yes, but it was a fabulous, heartfelt, wonderful day. We were asked to suggest some artists we'd like to paint our casts, and I was keen on Liz McGrath because, obviously, I LIKE her work; but also because she does dioramas, and I once saw this picture of breast implants that had been removed from someone after a few years and that looked like they had terrariums in them, and now I always imagine my implants as mini-ecosystems, and that made me think of Liz's dioramas. So I was picturing the inside of my cast being decorated rather than the outside, which just goes to show you how the mind works sometimes.

Check out the awesome pictures on Keep a Breast myspace!

About Keep A Breast: The Keep A Breast Foundation,, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to help eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support. Through art events, educational programs and fundraising efforts, we seek to increase breast cancer awareness among young people so they are better equipped to make choices and develop habits that will benefit their long-term health and well-being.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Angie Pontani's Tribute to Blaze Starr

Blaze Starr on a sofa, smmmmmmmmokin'!

I've always been inspired by Angie Pontani's timing, dance ability, and sense of mischief, and I was thrilled when she began adding solo striptease performances back into her shows.

One of the first numbers I saw her do as a striptease was her tribute to Blaze Starr. I love Blaze's story (the movie is fun, yes, but it's her autobiography that really blows me away). If you've ever seen Angie do the wild number with the bongo drum, that's it!

Angie Pontani, with Helen and Tara, Channeling Blaze Starr
Above: Angie Pontani, with Helen and Tara, Channeling Blaze Starr. Photo by Me.

Angie had this to say when I asked her about the tribute number:

"Blaze has always been one of my favorite stars of the golden era of burlesque. In addition to the unbridled carnality that comes across in even the most faded black and white, her life story is equally dramatic. Her affair with Governor Earl Long, her outrageous performances including the use of live panthers, the smoking couch and the iconic shot of her playing the bongos are all amazing, as well as her ability to transcend performance and own and operate her own venue. Smart, sexy, classy, wild and sassy to boot, her interviews are candid. She makes clear what she likes and doesn't like and I love her for it. When I decided to do the tribute, I got touch with her brother whom she resides with in West Virginia to request permission to create a Blaze Starr tribute, replete with the smoking couch and bongo drum. Blaze and her brother could not have been more helpful, approving and accommodating, which the world to me! Considering her straightforward nature and the high quality she demands, I was terrified of how she might say no!

"I worked on the act for months, originally using my sisters as panthers! We debuted the performance at the Birchmere in Virginia and then performed it at the 2006 Miss Exotic World Pageant. A few days before the show in Vegas I recieved a phone call from the Burlesque Hall of Fame, letting me know that Dixie & Blaze would love for me to use the original smoking couch which was currently at the Museum! I just about fainted. It was such an honor to perform a tribute to the legend and to use her actual smoking couch. It was an honor and always will be one of my favorite performance memories! The couch is back in the museum, but I still perfom the bongo section of the act just about every night at my off broadway show This Is Burlesque. It is absolutely my favorite number to perform. Viva Blaze Staar!"

I'll soon be reviewing Blaze's autobiography here as well.

Kelly DiNardo is interviewing many of this year's contenders for titles at this year's Exotic World Pageant in her blog, as well as presenting many videos of performances from previous years' pageants. Read her interview with Angie here!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm Officially Envious!


I can't wait to see it!!!

I don't know if envious is the right word, but who wouldn't like to dress up like one of these characters for a day! You gotta love Julie Newmar at 2.00 in the video.

Since I can't embed the George Michael video, here are some catwomen (the first one is Julie Newmar--and don't get me started on Eartha Kitt, meeeee-YOW) for you:

And of course I can't resist mentioning, since in the article linked above Dita credits her fabulous fitness to Pilates, that The New York School of Burlesque has absolutely unique Pilates and Pasties classes with Peekaboo Pointe!

Edit May 2008: I found out that the article linked is wrong and the quote is an invention, but I'm waiting to see if I have permission to post what the George Michael connection actually is.

Edit June 2008: Here's video of what the connection actually is!

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Inspiration and Execution: Tribute Numbers in Burlesque

Every year at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Striptease Reunion, several performers bring numbers constructed to tribute their favorite superstars of classic burlesque. Sometimes they are recreations, sometimes they are simply inspired by and include elements of movement, costuming, and/or lore associated with those performers. This year I'm tributing Sherry Britton, for which I have the honor of having had her guidance and suggestions before she passed away.

As the BHOF Weekend nears (or I should say, zooms in, as I'm feeling a bit behind in my preparations!), I want to make note of some of the loveliest tributes I've seen, so I've asked the performers who did them to make some comments on the experiences they had with their numbers. This is the first of two or three posts I'll make about tribute numbers.

Above: BOB and Ruby at the New York Burlesque Festival.
Photo by Kitty Kowalski.
Video of an Interview with Liz Renay

"Last year for the NYBF 2007 I decided upon the exit of one of the world's blondest and brightest stars, Liz Renay, that I would create a tribute piece to perform at the festival. Liz Renay travelled the US with her daughter, Brenda, in a mother/daughter strip act. I find this to be one of the several things that sets Liz apart from other legends. I researched their relationship and was touched by it. Brenda took her own life years ago & I approached the duet with Ruby Valentine as Brenda with great respect. A friend recorded the song they used, "Heaven Sent Me An Angel" off of Liz's ACTUAL copy of the record. After costuming , research, & choreography we performed it live. It felt like I was sending Liz & Brenda a thank you card wrapped in a pretty song and a young girl."
--World Famous *BOB*

Kitten Deville Tributing Dixie Evans
Above: Kitten Deville preparing for her Dixie Evans Tribute. Photo by me, taken backstage at the BHOF Reunion, 2006.
Video of Dixie Evans in the original number

"It was an exciting and intimidating experience performing Dixie's number with her and an audience full of my peers. It was my first time trying to do someone else's performance. Dixie had coached me on her routine and the songs that I used were hers. But she insisted that I add my own song and my style to the end of the act. And so I did. I tried to stay true to her coaching of what she had done in that number from the different times that she had performed it and then added my own twist to the ending."
--Kitten Deville

Above: Michelle L'Amour at The BHOF Striptease Reunion, 2007.
Photo by Mike Albov.
Video of Sally Rand's Fan Dance

"The tribute to Ms. Rand happened by accident. I was working with to develop these fans and had been working with them for a bit, when I got the call from Luke. He asked me to do a tribute and I immediately thought of Sally Rand, however, when I hung up, I thought, 'What the hell am I thinking? I'm actually going to try to tribute this woman, whom almost all tribute when they do a fan dance?' I knew it had to be something special and really different from what was out there already. First, I had to find the right version of Clare De Lune. I used a version with this sweeping violin that just tugged at your heart. Then, I had to work out to lift those gigantic fans. When I was practicing, my hands were blistered and cut up. When I was done with practice (and I could only muster an hour at a time), my arms, hands, forearms and back were so sore. In developing the choreography, I didn't want to mimic her moves, but her feeling behind the act. I had seen her video of this dance a couple years ago, and I just want to remember that feeling and I wanted to tribute that.
"The only thing I wanted to do in the tribute was not to cry. I would cry in rehearsal and I would cry in the car just listening to the song. I almost broke a couple times in the performance but I didn't want to ruin my make up! Afterwards, while I was taking my bow, I was holding it in, and then I went backstage and Franky met me there. He had tears in his eyes and gave me this big hug and then I let it out. The song just gets me every time and knowing that I was tributing one of the biggest influences in burlesque was overwhelming. It was one of the proudest moments in my performance life."
--Michelle L'Amour

Above: Sally Rand's fans in the Exotic World Burlesque Museum.
Photo from Erochica Bamboo.

Coming up, stories of tributing Hot Honey Harlow, Blaze Starr, and Zorita!

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Blog! Burlesque Babes

Remember my interview with Sparky Lobo, Purveyor of Burlesque Memorabilia?

If you enjoyed the photos in the interview on my blog, you'll love the blog she just started under her new business name of Burlesque Babes, where she has started locating information about the women in those pictures:

Burlesque Babes

Above, from the new blog: Sintana, who is interviewed in Marilyn Suriani Futterman's book Dancing Naked in the Material World. I also appear in the book, with pictures of me from way back when my stripper stage name was "Cheryl," after Riff Randall's brunette sidekick in Rock N Roll High School. If you view the video I just linked, you'll see Cheryl right after Clint Howard says, "Nice set of pom poms!" And, even though I haven't yet achieved the vintage hairstyle in the book below, I did achieve Cheryl's (actually the photo below is from 1979, before the movie came out):

If you're wondering about the more stream-of-consciousness, personally-oriented tack this blog is taking at the moment, when it used to be more like a magazine, see the "notice" post a few days back.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Book Review: Vintage Hairstyling

I am pretty lame about my hair, seriously. When I was in high school--I had curly hair in the 70s, not a good thing--I hated my hair as only a high-schooler can. It took me years to learn to just tolerate it, and when I worked in strip joints I was constantly flinging it around so no one could really tell what it looked like. Now I rely mostly on hairpieces, and if I'm not wearing one, my hair is usually what I call "put away," in a ponytail or bun.

However, if that continues, I have no one to blame but myself, because now there's this book:

Vintage Hairstyling Cover

It is AMAZING. Oh boy, does it deliver. There is a section on tools and products that no self-styled diva should be without. If you've ever wondered what some of those clips in the hairstyling aisle of the beauty supply store can do for you, wonder no more! There are tips on using curling tools that anyone, whether or not they're into retro hairstyles, would be grateful to have. It features page after page of beautiful color photographs and step-by-step instructions for a staggering array of techniques, including page after page on the essential pincurl. There are also instructions for using modern tools to get retro styles. I really don't see how this book could be any better at what it is.

Vintage Hairstyling

There is a section which describes how to make victory rolls, pompadours, finger waves, and pincurl waves, followed by a chapter on composing hairstyles with those features that include "The Pin-up," "Jazz Singer," and "Film Noir."

There is a chapter on accessories, including flowers, and a final chapter on retro makeup and manicures.

I can't promise you that my hair will improve overnight, as I doubt I'm going to suddenly become a meticulously groomed fashion diva, but I'm feeling inspired! I'm about to do a performance in Vegas that requires much more attention to detail than my usual 30-minute hairpiece application will support. This book will definitely be my go-to when I need to raise the bar on my hairdo, and I'm certainly taking it to Vegas with me.

For those who make the effort to really be a bombshell, this is a life-changing tool. If you're just learning retro styling, this is a crash course that will greatly accelerate your skill curve. As I always tell my students when they're planning costumes, your outfit doesn't end at your neck! Just as a stylish outfit loses impact without stylish hair and makeup, a fabulous costume needs a fabulous head of hair to be complete. Don't do as I do, do as I say!

Vintage Hairstyling:
Retro Styles with Modern Techniques
By Lauren Rennels
HRST Books, 2008

To Purchase:

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vintage Vegas with Ruth Lewis, Former Burlesque Queen

Vintage Vegas
'Valentino's Zootsuit Connection is a shopping mecca for dedicated vintage aficionados like Liz Goldwyn. But our guide, Ruth Lewis, is Sin City's original maven of retro glamour. '

This video was recommended to me by Fancy Chance, Burlesque Terrorist!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Time for the Coney Island USA Spring Gala! TONIGHT!

Click the image to see tons of amazing photos from last year's Gala!

Come out and celebrate the 2008 season with us, as we kick off the summer with a big blowout at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. There's an Open Bar, and The Brooklyn Bombshells will teach you some swing dance moves so you can dance to to the stylings of our band: Lady Luck and the Suicide Kings.

There's going to be a Photo Booth, Carnival Games of Chance, a Silent Auction, and performers including: the cast of the 2008 Coney Island Circus Sideshow; Miss Coney Island Serpentina, Diamond Donny, Heather Holiday, Angelica, Scott Baker, Nick Knack, Burlesque at the Beach's Bambi the Mermaid and The Great Fredini, Julie Atlas Muz, Tigger, Saturn, The Pontani Sisters, The Peach Tartes, Dirty Martini, Hula Harvest, World Famous *BOB*, Little Brooklyn, Brian Fisherman, Chris McDaniels, as well as Swing Dancing Sirens- The Brooklyn Bombshells, Shelly Watson, the inimitable Reverend Billy, Little Jimmy, Jo Boobs and the graduating class of the New York School of Burlesque, DJ Jeff Jackson, The MINI MERMAID PARADE, and MORE!!

Did we mention there's an OPEN BAR and Catered FOOD????

Coney Island USA Spring Gala May 21, 2008
7 PM to 11 PM
Angel Orensanz Foundation
172 Norfolk Street
Get You to The Show!


I'm editing this post so everyone who happens upon my blog doesn't have to read my rant about people who've abused my content. However, I've reposted it here because I still really, really mean it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Re-Release of "The Night They Raided Minsky's"

Click on the image above to buy this poster!

'Minsky’s features an all-star cast, and the first signs of a budding nostalgia for the vanished world of the ‘20s and burlesque theatre in particular; the casting of Burt Lahr – the Cowardly Lion - in a small but poignant role is a tribute to that vanished tradition. Britt Ekland plays an innocent who arrives in the Lower East Side dreaming of being a dancer, who gets caught up in the desperate dramas being played out by the cast of Minsky’s, a burlesque theatre on its last legs. The rather broad little story is intercut with the cast – including Jason Robards and the great Norman Wisdom – performing burlesque routines with a chorus line of the meticulously bad dancers....'

Today marks the re-release of 'The Night They Raided Minsky's' on DVD. From

From the Wikipedia entry for the movie:
'Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times, "'The Night They Raided Minsky's'" is being promoted as some sort of laff-a-minit, slapstick extravaganza, but it isn't. It has the courage to try for more than that and just about succeeds. It avoids the phony glamour and romanticism that the movies usually use to smother burlesque (as in Gypsy) and it really seems to understand this most-American art form." (12/23/68)'

Monday, May 19, 2008

Polynesian Burlesque?

'Burlesque: The islands' pioneer burlesque house, the Beretania Theatre, was located at 1229 Kamanuwai Lane in a congested urban slum a block mauka of Chinatown.'

Here is the story behind one of Hawaii's "firsts," as noted by former state statistician Robert C. Schmitt.

It's only a paragraph, but it's a good one!

Lucy Fur, May 27, 2006, Las Vegas
Above: Lucy Fur at Exotic World, 2006.

I used to teach my workshops at Waikiki Wally's before I took burlesque to The Bowery Poetry Club with our Burlesque Salute to the Ramones and started doing my workshops there. There was a Polynesian woman who taught traditional story-telling Hula at Waikiki Wally's, too. I wanted so much to study it, but I was too busy putting my workshops together! Although I've still managed to study Polynesian dance a bit, I feel like I missed out by not learning from her. I love to watch Hawaiian and Tahitian dance and would love to understand it better.

Tiki culture was the root of Tease-O-Rama, where so many of today's best-known performers became acquainted. You can read about the first TOR in the earliest archives of their Yahoo group.

When I was a kid in the 1960s, I was crazy about Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, and begged to be taken to Trader Vic's in Denver for my birthday. Now I'm well aware that all my attraction to some of these representations of Polynesian culture is problematic, to put it mildly, but as a 6-year-old I was beside myself, and darned if I still don't get a thrill of childlike wonder when I hear the music. Darn, darn, darn that childlike wonder!

I've been to Hawaii only once, in 1979, and my fondest memory of it is that it smelled the best of any place I've ever been--so I was most likely not "in a congested urban slum a block mauka of Chinatown."

All my mental meandering aside, if anyone knows more about burlesque in Hawaii, bring it on!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Return of the Return of Burlesque

There is an article about burlesque in the New York Times today:
'Burlesque, that fabled if slightly soiled fantasy realm whose heraldic totem was the twirling pasty and whose undisputed queen was Gypsy Rose Lee, has returned to New York, dripping with rhinestones and trailing clouds of glitter. Under the rubric neo-burlesque, a Depression-era genre whose hallmarks were smut with attitude, bargain-barn glamour, rock-bottom ticket prices and a proudly stuck-out tongue is reasserting itself, flourishing in unexpected corners around the city.'
The Almost Naked City

This one, also from the Times, circa 2003:
'It is not surprising that there is an old-time burlesque revival in New York. Like tiki bars and the jitterbug, the striptease had to come back sometime. What is impressive, though, is that it has come back with such a vengeance. Suddenly, women in very scanty clothing are everywhere, or at least on every bijou stage in every hipster neighborhood, introduced by languid gay M.C.'s instead of the straight male impresarios of the 40's and 50's. You can see a burlesque revue, or two, on almost any night of the week: Mondays in Williamsburg; Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the East Village; Fridays on Coney Island; Saturdays on the Lower East Side. In May, the Knitting Factory staged a sold-out show during a burlesque festival.' (Not) For His Eyes Only

I'm thrilled that they're interested enough in burlesque to write about it, and thrilled about the awesome folks in the article, but I confess I get a little bit baffled that it's still being treated like it's "back" when it's clearly, simply, HERE.

New York School of Burlesque in Grand Central Station
Above: The NY School of Burlesque Arrives in Grand Central Station.

Edit--if it sounds like I don't like the article, that's not the case! I love seeing my peeps in the papes!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Burlesque In Unexpected Places

In my Burlesque Moves Livejournal Community, I posted a lot of clips featuring burlesque that have since been removed from youtube, such as the Simpsons clip and the Scrubs clip. However, you get the idea; burlesque is everywhere!

When I was a teenager in the late '70s and early 80's, we were fond of riding around playing cassette tapes very loudly, and in my crowd, that meant Adam Ant, Devo and the Cramps. Some of you may or may not see the burlesque obsession connections there. For those who don't, I'll explain my nerdy self: the imagery from magazines like Cabaret, as well as old Irving Klaw photos and film reels, and other memorabilia that related to burlesque and go-go, were a big part of our aesthetic. It's amazing to me now that I get to go to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Striptease Reunion and meet the very women in those pictures and film clips--not women like them, not women who knew them, but the very women!

Keeping my geeky teenage years in mind, here's a Devo clip featuring lots of awesome variety and burlesque performers:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is Burlesque Demeaning to Women?

The article on Millie Dollar I linked a few posts back sparked a bit of a controversy among readers, one of whom said, 'It is mostly men who attend these shows and they are quite happy to ogle the women and treat them as nothing more than sex objects.'

Sadly, the other letters intended to respond to that statement were quite inadequate as arguments. While I realize not everyone has studied philosophy, I didn't find myself admiring the persuasiveness of ANY of the letter writers.

Fortunately, this article makes quite a bit more sense:
'The phenomenal rise of burlesque over the past years has been propelled by its popularity among women. There were men in the room, but mostly they were under the protective wing of female friends. It was girls’ night. ... 'There is a growing industry supporting the increasing popularity of burlesque. As satirical as it may be, it remains happily within the world of erotica. It is a fun and sophisticated branch of erotica, however, that encourages women to participate as consumers and producers and relegates the male eye to a secondary place while playing with what attracts it.'

I love a thinker who actually thinks.

'It isn't what I do, but how I do it. It isn't what I say, but how I say it, and how I look when I do it and say it.'
Mae West

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Very Saucy Issue of Time Out New York

harvest moon Above: Harvest Moon performing at Galapagos. Photo by Darren Mayhem.

If you get the May 8-14 issue of Time Out New York, you can see Harvest Moon and me fooling around at Kiki De Montparnasse (no, we didn't get to keep the clothes or the toys). The photos are on pages 37 and 42. You can also see Molly Crabapple's drawing of BD interviewees the Porcelain Twinz (my extended article on them is coming out soon in Alarm Press), and art commentary by New York School of Burlesque alum Legs Malone!

Check out one of the photos!

Plus, lots of hot shots of naked New Yorkers I don't (yet) know.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Picture Post: Objectifying My Friends

I've been stalking around taking pix of burlesque performers for several years now. My friends have been infinitely patient with me and very accommodating on occasion. Here, my friends viewed in part...the whole of which is greater than, which is saying something, judging by these exceptionally fine parts.

Dirty Martini
Dirty Martini's Bust

Ms Tickle
Ms. Tickle's Waist

O Canada
Nasty Canasta's Leaf

Miss Clams Casino at the New York Burlesque Festival
Clams Casino's Behind

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

News Post: Millie Dollar, Dancing to the Beat

Above: A picture from Millie's Myspace. If you've spent any time backstage with me, you know I love a girl with corset lines!

'The Australian-born 22-year-old grew up in Glasgow struggling with hearing problems. It affected her speech and ability to understand people, but boy can she dance....

' Being a burlesque performer is all about the music and moving with its beat and rhythm, which is a huge challenge for someone with a degenerative hearing loss.

' "As long as it's loud enough, I'm fine," said Millie. "I memorise my music as much as I can, but there have been times I've missed my cues because it was too low. It will get worse with age so I'm going to keep performing as long as I can." '

Rave reviews for the burlesque babe with rare hearing condition

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Lineup for Miss Exotic World 2008

Burlesque Hall of Fame Flyer

Clams Casino
Evie Lovelle
Gal Friday
Fanny Tastic
Frenchie Kiss
Kitty Twist
Lola Bel Aire
Magnificant Liberte Belle
Mimi First
Perle Noir
Ruby Valentine
Tatah DuJour

Hot Toddy
Sexy Mark Brown
Sin Jyn

Cafe Con Leche
Gravity Plays Favorites
Jewel of Denial & Kat Bardot
Syrens of the South
Tease for Two: Lily Verlaine and Miss Indigo Blue

The Amazing Knicker Kittens
Foxy Tann and The Wham-Bam Thank You Ma'ams
Peek-A-Boo Revue
Sinner Saint Burlesque
Twilight Vixen Revue

Adonna Vichet
Amber Ray
Amber Topaz
Angie Pontani
Bambi the Mermaid
Bunny Love
Charlotte La Belle Araignee
Inga Ingenue
Little Brooklyn
Lux LaCroix
Ravenna Black
Sparkly Devil
Trixie Little
Violet Eva
Vivienne VaVoom

From the Burlesque Hall of Fame Yahoo Group