Paste Won't Keep Your Pasties On

[This article was originally written and published on this blog in 2007. Note the presence of Myspace!]

People always ask questions about pasties. They are, after all, pretty peculiar articles of clothing, in spite of being some of the most traditional items in most neo-burlesquers' wardrobes. As far as I know they are unique to burlesque--at least in terms of dance costuming. One time I was standing in the lobby after a show with my friend Francesca, and someone came up and asked me a question about tassel-twirling. After I talked about physics a bit, the woman said, "And how do you keep the pasties on?" Francesca said, "With paste!"

Above: Me at the Slipper Room. Photo by Rocket.

Well, we don't use paste--it's not sticky enough, and the kids eat it. But how to keep a twirler's pasties from twirling right off is a frequent subject of discussions backstage. I use flash tape, myself. I have a slight allergic reaction to it, but pinker nipples are fine with me. The tape makes quick changes quicker, and it's perfect for when I perform my signature act of bringing a person onstage and teaching them to twirl--I can have the pasties taped up and ready to pop right onto my lucky victim.

There is no one perfect adhesive, though, as different ones work for different people with different skin types and different levels of (ahem) bounce, so I decided to do an impromptu poll and provide the reponses for your adhesive erudition.

This is the message I sent out on myspace: "I'm asking this of my burlesque friends, and I'll use the first six answers I receive in my blog: What do you use to keep pasties on, and why? and how did you find out about the adhesive you use? Did you try another method first?" And these are the first responses I received:

From Lady Rigel:
Hi Jo! From your recommendation actually toupee tape work best for me. I originally started with liquid latex (eyelash glue) but the smell made me sick. Toupee tape works the best and holds those heavy, rhinestone covered pasties.
Keep on twirling!

Photo by Agent N

From Agent N
My first endeavour with pastie adhesive was using liquid latex. This p:roved problematic since my first few burly-q debuts ended with me losing one or two pasties! Spirit Gum also had no effect on me so I started using flash tape hoping that it would do the trick and it did! I've never had a problem with it in the 1 and a half years I've been using it.

Photo by Ted D'Ottavio

From Lady Monster:
The first technique I learned about was spirit gum from the other women in the troupe I joined.
But, it was later in a workshop taught by Miss Indigo Blue that I learned about tassel/pastie application techniques (raising/centering the pastie a bit). The second technique was toupee tape, I learned that from a workshop taught by Satan's Angel at Tease-O-Rama 2005.
The technique I use depends on the construction of the tassel/pastie. If the backing of it is more resistant to tape, I use spirit gum, and vice versa.
I recently watched the performer, Miz Ginger Snapz of Seattle apply her pasties using Elmer's Spray-On Glue. She guaranteed they stay on.
Many performers need an alternative adhesive because of nipple/skin tissue sensitivity, or method of removal of the adhesive.
Various adhesive removal techniques include:
If I use toupee tape, I use a drop of Goo-Gone at the edge of the tassel, let it seep down in and dissolve some of the stickiness. Then I wash off my breasts with soap and water as soon as the tassel is removed, to get rid of the goo-gone residue. If I use spirit gum, I use unscented massage oil.

Photo by Charles Gatewood

From Ravenna Black:
For regular pasties, I usually use liquid latex. It rolls right off when I'm done, leaves no tacky residue, and no remover is needed. However, if it is HOT the latex will just melt, in which case spirit gum is a neccessity; also true if I am going to be doing any vigorous twirling. Finally, if my pasties are large or made of a weird material - for example, the black rhinestone "seeds" when I paint my boobs like papayas, or the pizza slices in my pizza number (which are felt-backed) - then double-sided carpet tape is required. Not double sided tape, or double-sided surgical tape, or any other kind of tape - tape from the frickin' hardware store, people! I learned all of these by trial and error, and I DO mean error!

Photo credit:

From Miss Kitty Baby of Kitty Baby Burlesque:
I use glue because I have larger (D) breasts and therefore slightly larger pasties. I also twirl tassles and so glue is a MUST. I use spirit gum from the costume store. I used pasty tape once for a back to back number so I had the tape on the pasties ahead of time and just slapped 'em on. Holy crap that stuff was murder to get off!!! As far as the liquid's great for decorative rhinestones on your face or body, but I can't embrace the idea of using it for pasties for myself. I'm a spirit gum gal!!!

Photo by RJB Photo

From Vagina Jenkins:
I use liquid latex. I prefer the hold of spirit gum, but it takes a little longer than liquid latex to "set-up."
When I began performing with The Dixie Pistols. Our cast was pretty small, so we each did 2 or 3 numbers solo, as well as group numbers. I needed to be able to change my pasties many times a night , very quickly and still have a decent enough hold--thus the liquid latex.
But I wish there were some sort of product that held better, set up even faster and didn't hurt like hell when it came time for removal. Any ideas?
exes and ohs,
Ms. Vagina Jenkins

Photo by Teri Rice


Unknown said…
I used to use eyelash glue, I don't even know how I figured that out?
Today, I'm all about the clear Carpet Tape. It's under $5 for a roll and it last for months, even if I have tons of gigs.
Lady Aye said…
I had a 1st time audience member ask me once how the pasties stayed on and I just responded "Will power, sir."
Anonymous said…
I personally like toupee(sp?) tape. It sets up quick, you can have them pre-taped to switch quickly and it doesn't hurt that bad to pull off. Just peel semi slowly down. I have larger D size breasts and I have never had them fall off no matter how much I shimmy and shake. As an added plus it's super cheap for a ton of them.
Anonymous said…
You can try our tape
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