News Post: Hot Dog Burlesque in Chattanooga!

I'm way behind on everything, but I couldn't resist posting this because, wouldn't you know it, I just happen to have a picture of Ms. Honeybush in her hot dog queen outfit!

'When I apply the make-up, eyelashes, and wig, I really embrace the glamorous side of me. I feel quite at home on the stage and actually relish in the attention. In real life, I own a hot dog stand in East Nashville’s Five Points area called I Dream of Weenie. I wear denim and tank tops and grill weenies. Often times my makeup runs, and in the recent heat, I feel quite un-glamorous. But I’m so happy being a business owner who sells weenies! Every day is a sausage party!'

Queens backstage at The Earl.

Monique Honeybush and the Bend Sinister bring burlesque to Barking Legs


Anonymous said…
I just adored that show and just got to work with her again a few months ago. That's still one of my favourite pictures!


Veronica Lashe
Burlesque Baby said…
Oh my, well, if you can feel glamorous in a hot dog costume, thats awesome?
I'd like to see the performance, perhaps you should film it and post it on youtube, it would get a lot of views.

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