Picture Post: Pasties

One of my favorite elements of burlesque costuming is the pastie. Pasties are, as an item consistently associated with the choreography of a particular form of dance, unique to burlesque. I never get tired of the way they simultaneously conceal and call attention to the nipple. I love it when performers make delicate jewelry of them.

Above: Pasties in a bowl on the table at Torchy Taboo's house.

I love it when someone uses pasties to continue the theme of a costume.
Nasty Canasta
Above: Nasty Canasta blasphemes with her nipples, as well as with everything else..

I also love when someone takes the idea of gluing things to breasts and just runs with it.
Whitney at the Mermaid Parade
Above: Whitney at the Mermaid Parade, an art parade in Coney Island, in which pasties (and burlesque performers) play a significant part.

And, I love that pasties are in a perfect position for tassel attachment.
Above: Me twirling at the Slipper Room. Photo by Delerium Tremens.
And yup, those are implants under those pasties. When I started performing in New York, it was interesting to go from strip joints, where implants are common and the motivations and risks involved are pretty well understood, to burlesque, where implants are fairly rare and sometimes verboten. A friend of mine with implants says that hers are like the Velveteen Rabbit--she loved them so much they became real. For myself, I'm just fascinated by the effect they have on my twirling style.

I sell a handbook with pastie-making diagrams, patterns, and instructions, plus tips on how to twirl in every direction. Click here to purchase or find out more about it.


Anonymous said…
I'm doing a project for school on Burlesque, and I was wondering if there were any costume elements, other then pasties, that are considered "classic burlesque." I was also wondering if there were any elements that are considered classical american burlesque. Like, a type of stage, a perticular joke or skit. It would help me a lot, thanks!
I'll be posting a review shortly of a book called Minsky's Burlesque that you must read in order to learn more. I also recommend an album called "The Best of Burlesque," narrated by Sherry Britton, that explains a lot of this. Plus there is a documentary called "It's Burlesque!" You'll have to go on ebay and amazon.com and hunt a bit, but they're available. Whole books full of just what your'e asking about.
OH--and if you haven't taken a look at Liz Goldwyn's book "Pretty Things," you're not even trying! LOL

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