My Article on NY Neo-Burlesque from Tease! Magazine

Sorry about the uncropped scans, my Photoshop recently stopped functioning.

Tease! Magazine, #8

You'll definitely have to click to view the larger version to be able to read it:

An Article I Wrote Several Years Ago

Here's a fab story--when I first moved permanently to New York in the late 1990s, I was writing for a fetish magazine. Basically, the entire magazine was written and photographed by my friends Kate and Misa, and me. I wanted to write about some of the amazing paper memorabilia I was seeing around New York related to pulp and vintage men's magazines; the dumb (one day he asked me what my alter ego's name would be and I said, "Dick Van Dyke," and he didn't get it, sitting there surrounded by strap-on experts) publisher at the fetish magazine wasn't interested. I contacted Tease!, a magazine I greatly admired, asking if they needed any writers or photographers in the city. My call was returned by Eve Wynn, who is no other than Torchy Taboo, with whom I had gone to film classes in college. A few years later she and the publisher, artist Greg Theakston, encouraged me to write this article on New York burlesque. I think this issue came out in 2003.

If you want to read the rest of the article, let me know and I'll scan the rest of it and post it on flicker, and I'll add a link here.

And wait until you see the vintage magazine clips I'm posting this week! Holy Moly and Hubba Hubba!! From Fortune Magazine in 1935!!!


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