New Burlesque Theater in Denver!

Above: Michelle Baldwin at the New York Burlesque Festival. Photo by me.

"For the first time since the 1930's a theatre is being built specifically to house burlesque, headed up by Reyna Von Vett of last fall's acclaimed Leadville or Bust-- a playful romp through 1880's burlesque (Reyna played Tanya for 2 years in the Las Vegas company of Mamma Mia!) and Michelle Baldwin, a.k.a. Vivienne VaVoom, the Mother of Neo-Burlesque in Denver and creator of one of the first neo-burlesque troupes in the U.S., Burlesque As It Was. Converting the space recently known as the Black Box Cabaret in the Denver Civic Theatre ( 721 Santa Fe Dr. , Denver ), Von Vett and Baldwin aim to bring burlesque back while playing homage to the great tradition of burlesque that began in the late 1800's and all but disappeared in the 1960's."
Burlesque Theatre Opens 3/13 At The Denver Civic Theater

Michelle Baldwin is the author of Burlesque and the New Bump N Grind," which is the perfect companion to my upcoming book.

I'm FROM Denver and I've never done burlesque there. You hear me, Michelle? I'm coming!!


Git yer ass (and your Boobs!) here!

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