More Burlesque (Well, Stripping) on Film!

"Of all the roles available to pretty, young actresses, one of the most enduring is "stripper with a heart of gold." The latest A-list actress to join the elite club of movie strippers is Jessica Biel in her upcoming film 'Powder Blue.' Biel told Access Hollywood that her preparation for the role gave her new appreciation for the job. Hear hear, we say. We look forward to seeing Jessica Biel's heart of gold, and in the meantime, here are the Top Ten Movie Strippers."
Best Movie Strippers

As we used to say when I worked in strip joints, if they're taking off their clothes for money, they're strippers! And we love it.

A similar article appeared in Entertainment Weekly awhile ago.

I love the articles, but they're not so very burlesquey, and they didn't include my personal favorite:


Anonymous said…
I really love the Christopher Walken clip. Bernadette Peter's reactions (or lack thereof!) kill me. :)
Jolie Goodnight said…
I can't believe I've never seen this! This is just about one of the best things I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing darlin'.

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