I am interested in taking beginner classes, what I wanted to ask is this, if I continually study burlesque are there any career opportunities in performing? I am an actress, model,former Playboy bunny,ballroom dancer.

For career purposes, being a burlesque performer is more like being a professional dancer or actor for live theater, or a member of an unsigned band, as far as income is concerned. In other words, of course you can make a living, but most pro dancers and actors have other jobs, and most burlesque performers have other sources of income besides performing, as do I. Also, there isn't a particular big-time to make--there isn't an equivalent of a record contract, for instance, or of being a movie star. This question will go to my facebook, where I imagine there will be comments from people who have different experiences, so check there for more input. http://www.facebook.com/joweldon

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