I've been enjoying watching fan dances & am ready to try one. You have a pretty silk fan veil routine on your DVD but your clothes stay on. Do you have tips or resources or inspiration for using fan veils in a striptease?

People have been using these fans more and more in burlesque and in other forms of dance. As I say in the video, think about fans as items you use to reveal, conceal, and frame yourself, as well as to create a glamourous and sensual spectacle onstage. Orchid Mei does a fantastic job with them:


It's possible to do a very poor job with these, as they are a little tricky. Rehearse, videotape yourself rehearsing, and if you have someone whose critique is valuable to you, employ them to watch and help you find exciting and elegant things to do with them besides just move them around. You can do some really clever reveals and gorgeous moves if you take the time to discover your own style with them!


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Porcelina said…
I love Orchid Mei's routines, have seen many on youtube, but haven't been lucky to see one in person...yet!

Do you have any tips on where to purchase the fan veils? They have some cheap on ebay but I'm worried they're poor quality.
Miss P xx
shimarella said…
Thank you for the tip, Jo! I'm working on my solo as we speak.
For Porcelina: this is where I got mine:

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