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Oh my goodness. I've been writing so much for other publications, I haven't had a chance to write for my own! I'm going to bring my blog back slowly and gently, starting with a taste of what I've been up to on other sites (I swear I was thinking about you the whole time!):

From Pin Curl Magazine Online:

In this month’s installment of a two-part article, we will discuss how performers can annoy producers. This doesn’t mean that in every case the performers are doing anything dishonest or unprofessional; it merely means that these behaviors often irritate or turn off producers. Please note that it is not about just knowing specific actions that might irritate producers. Like all etiquette issues, the essence of understanding how to behave is making an effort to put yourself into the other person’s position. You are unlikely to be able to read their minds, but you stand a much better chance of interacting successfully if you at least try to understand why they want what they want instead of trying to get them to care about what you want.

Next month, we’ll talk about how producers can annoy performers. If you have any annoyances you’d like to have mentioned, please email them to

This first article is split into two sections in order to help you:

A) Get booked by a given producer, or figure out that you’re not right for their show

B) Work well with them so that they will book you again, or even if, having had you in their show once and having decided you’re not right for their show, they would have a good enough impression of you to give you a second chance in a different show or give you a good reference to other producers.

How to Annoy Producers

If they haven’t yet booked you:

1. Feel entitled to be in their shows, for any reason at all.

2. Critique their shows, even when asked.

3. Flyer for your show at their shows without asking, or be miffed when they don’t allow you to flyer when you do ask.

4. Tell them you don’t like X kind of performance without knowing that they also produce X kind of shows.

5. Say, “I’m too busy to come to your show and see what it’s like, but I’d love to be in it.”

You can read the rest of this article in Pin Curl Magazine onlline:

How to Annoy Producers

It's a monthly column, so you'll find lots more information on professional etiquette there!


Ashley said…
I'm curious to know if something like this would work because Jo Boobs states NOT to do all of the above. Would love to hear if it has worked for someone.

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