MisSa Blue is Working to Connect POC in Burlesque WorldWide

MisSa Blue will be hosting a meetup for POC performers in NYC April 8, 2019.

MisSa talks about her meetup plans:

The NYC one will be my first meetup on my own. I have attended POC Meetups in the past during Fringe Festivals in Australia, Scotland and during BHOF. I find it incredible to hear about the amazing projects my colleagues get up to. Every time I have left the meeting touched and revitalised, inspired and happy. Since these meetings are not happening at every festival yet, I decided to start my own meeting concept to keep bringing POC together. 

Due to token booking especially in Europe and Australia I rarely get to share the stage with another POC. Until recently I felt more like we've been competing against each other for that 'one spot' in the show. These meetings are set out to create a sense of community. If we get to know each other better we can create friendships and inspire and help each other rather than living in competition. POC have different needs, ones which white producers and colleagues often don’t understand. I want to create an opportunity for POC to talk and support each other -- and, of course, network. At the moment a lot of POC’s are sending messages to me individually asking on matters of work opportunities, or how to handle racism they've experienced. If we create a larger community we could look out for each other better. I want people also to bring their business cards or signed prints so we can exchange and connect and support each others' businesses as well.

Upcoming are: 

April 8th New York, USA
May 4th Hebden Bridge Festival UK, 
May 30th  Berlin Burlesque Week Germany, 

Q: How can people get you to host one in their city?

MissSa: At this point I usually contact festivals that have booked me already and ask if we can set up my meeting. But I can do the meeting anywhere as long as my travel is taken care of and I have a place to sleep. I am constantly touring and plan on spending more time in North America now as well. So just get in touch and we work it out I say!

MisSa Blue currently ranks No. 1 ‘Most influential Burlesque Industry Figure' in Europe and No. 21 worldwide in 21st Century Burlesque Magazine's international poll.
MisSa Blue is a Burlesque and Variety star who has gained international recognition through her high-end sword swallowing performances. Since launching her career 2010 in London she has continuously headlined Gala events, Variety shows, and Burlesque festivals around the world. MisSa is playing a leading role in Germany’s GOP Theatre production ‘Freaks’, is frequently interviewed by platforms like the BBC, regularly seen on TV, and recently spoke on TEDx on her success story of becoming a performer. She is an active voice globally supporting black Performance Art and is pioneering in the Burlesque world with her invitation as first sword swallower to perform at The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas!


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