Feline Friday: Legends in Leopard Print

Burlesque in Leopard Print!
Enjoy these vintage images of burlesque queens showing their spots! Thanks to Neil Kez Kendall and Janelle Smith for help with the images!
Featuring Naja Karamuru, Lili St Cyr, Marsha Strand, Tempest Storm, Sally Lane, Blaze Starr, Nadira, Bettie Page, and Jennie Lee.
I’ve been searching for these images for my History of Leopard Print Project, which you can follow at historyofleopardprint.com. I travel and give lectures on the topic!

Note: This was originally posted on my Tumblr, schoolofburlesque.tumblr.com, three years ago. Now they've hidden most of my posts because they're censoring adult material, so fuck 'em.

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