Tips for Tuesday: Book Recommendation (Burlesque Costume)

My friend Colleen Scott  recently published her book Costumes of Burlesque and you need it! 

It’s a gorgeous book! shows many costumes from the history of burlesque in vivid detail and gives context for the ways they were used. Since I’m involved in burlesque I’m very aware that burlesque costumes happen in layers, and this book does a magnificent job of showing all the details of those layers.  The stages of striptease are documented in fabulous step by step images that help readers visual the costumes in performance.  It’s such a fun technique! It also shows burlesque costumes as they really are, not just the gowns — though the gowns are there, in glamorous full color.  The chapters on neo burlesque illuminate the current scene with several  of its best known stars.  It’s an invaluable tool for studying burlesque, costume, theater, gender in performance, and the ways underground cultures affect mainstream fashion and vice versa.  And check out her other book, The Pastie Project! Full disclosure: I’m a friend of the author and received this book from her as a gift, but as a burlesque teacher I can verify that I would have bought this full price — there’s nothing else like it. 


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