Panties: Over Or Under the Garterbelt? (Burlesque Costume)

Above: Photo of Jo Weldon Copyright Ben Trivett.
Lingerie courtesy Dita Von Teese.

When I’m teaching stocking strips, people often ask me if it’s proper to wear panties over or under the garters.  There isn’t a proper way; there’s only the order of removal.  If you’re leaving the garter belt on after you take the panties off, you put the panties on over the garter belt.  If you want the panties to still be on after you take off the garter belt and stockings, it’s easier if you wear the panties under the garter belt. What if you want to take off panties then take off the garter belt but leave smaller panties on underneath? Why, the question answers itself!

The answer to most questions about striptease can be answered the same way: logistics.  And the best way to discover logistics is through practice. Try different ways of removing things, in a few different orders if you're not sure which is best, and see which ways of doing things makes your striptease smooth as silk.


Robbja said…

I gave an Ex-girlfriend stockings and a garterbelt for a present - a loooong time ago! AND - she discovered the logistics of wearing "lingerie" - like garterbelt and stockings! At first - she put the panties/knickers/underpants on FIRST - OUT OF HABIT!

AND then nearly peed herself - when she realised that the panties were caught behind the straps of her garterbelt - holding the stockings!

SO! AFTER THAT! The Garterbelt and stockings came on FIRST! THEN THE Panties!

She really loved her stockings and garterbelt! Much cooler in the summer than pantyhose

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