Burlesque Costume Crafting Series in September! In-Person Workshops.

Burlesque Crafting Classes!

In-Person in NYC.

Thursdays in September at 6-7.15 pm.

Only $40 each, supplies included.

Location: Club Cumming at 505 E 6th St, NYC 10009

Instructor: Tallulah Talons, Producer of Pandemic Burlesque.

All are welcome--no prior experience needed

Space is very limited and advance reservations are required. Use PayPal button to pay to register.

Scheduled Topics:

9/2 - rip-away fringed shimmy belt making

9/9 - custom pastie making

9/16 - pinup hair flower making

9/23 - fancy facemasks for performances

9/30 - panel skirt making

What to bring: Bring proof of vaccination and ID showing that you are 21+, and a facemask. Your fee includes the basic materials needed to complete each project such as fabric, thread, needles, glue, fasteners, fringe, tassels, sequins, and resin rhinestones. If you would like to use specific materials or need to match the colors of a specific costume, you may also bring additional things from home like custom trims or rhinestones.

Location: Club Cumming at 505 E 6th St, NYC 10009. The cross street is Avenue A. The venue is easy to miss. It has a plain black facade and only a small paper sign in one of the side windows. 

Questions? Feel free to email Tallulah Talons at burlesquegiantess@gmail.com

Register at http://www.schoolofburlesque.com


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