Branding Your Burlesque (Business of Burlesque)

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If you're just getting started in burlesque but you plan to become a part-time or fulltime performer, you can start branding yourself right away!

Take these three steps to claim your social media and internet presence, and you'll look professional when you start to get bookings.

All of the suggestions below assume that your stage name (or, show title, or any other thing you wish to brand) is unique.  If they are not unique enough to follow these suggestions, see my article on stage names.

  1. Get the simplest email with your stage name. or are both ideal.  

  2. Get your stage name on all the social media you wish to use, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. For instance, Create the hashtags #yourstagename and #yourstagenameburlesque .

  3. Purchase the domain You can forward it to your most active social media account if you're not ready to build it out.

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