Gossip Girl Burlesque, Part Two: Picture Post

On the Set of Gossip Girl for the Victor, Victrola Episode
Peekaboo Pointe, Melody Sweets, and Angie Pontani looking over the Balcony at the Box.

On The Set of Gossip Girl
The dancers onstage during the shoot.

On The Set of Gossip Girl
Leighton and Ed on the set.

On The Set of Gossip Girl
Ed Westwick, very handsome and much sweeter than his character.

On The Set of Gossip Girl
The gorgeous, smart, and talented Miss Leighton Meester. What a doll!


Anonymous said…
Hi there! I loved last night's Gossip Girl episode. The dance scenes were fabulous. I own a blog dedicated to Gossip Girl and would love to post these pictures. With your permission only, of course. Thank you!
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Anonymous said…
Great shots, as always. :-)

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