Question for Readers of This Blog

Originally I was trying to make this blog not-too personal. Recently, however, I've had some experiences that I think might make interesting posts--for instance, serving as creative director and dance coach for an episode of the television series Gossip Girl, taking pictures backstage at Margaret Cho's Sensuous Woman show, moving the School of Burlesque into a new venue, etc. Would you be interested in reading those posts here, or would you rather it be kept as it has been for the past 70 or so posts? Do you want some of the backstage stories? There are times when I don't have time to produce the interviews and such because of projects I've been working on, but maybe those projects have some interest themselves.

I have no plans to post ads for my events here, but some of these articles would indeed have the effect of making some of my projects more widely known. How do you feel about that?

This isn't meant to be a question of journalism ethics--I'm too involved for that kind of thing. I'm not being paid to be a public servant, and my passions, interests, and affiliations are obvious. I'm just asking if you'd enjoy these kinds of posts.

If you have a negative opinion about this possibility, please post it in a thoughtful non-aggressive manner, as snarky comments will be dismissed without the slightest regard for the opinion of the the poster. Style influences content, darling!


Brett said…
Of course I'm not unbiased because I know you personally, but I think this is a totally appropriate venue for you to offer some more personal anecdotes of backstage, the overlapping of burlesque with other entertainment, etc. Because you bring a unique and enlightening perspective to those experiences and it will add some interesting context to the rest of this blog's content.
I would love to read your personal views, agendas and insider perspectives on the world of Burlesque. In many ways YOU ARE modern Burlesque. You play a very big role in it's current manifestation and continued propagation which means there are few people as qualified to write about the world of burlesque as you.
Unknown said…
Backstage is still part of burlesque, at least as far as I'm concerned. And I'd totally love to hear the backstage stories!
Anonymous said…
You are part of the neo-burlesque wave. It's a fact. So I - as a reader - expect to find in this blog even stories about you. The fact you're thinking about this problem (is it really a problem?) makes me admire you.
Leah said…
I think that your unique perspective on backstage happenings as well as the various projects you are involved in would make for some very interesting blog posts. I would love to read some entries with a bit more Jo Boobs in them!
Anonymous said…
I would love to read about your personal goings on. As a fellow performer, I think I could learn a lot from your experiences. As a burlesque fan, I would be totally interested in hearing the backstage stuff. Go for it!
Cristina said…
I'll ditto what everyone else wrote. I just recently discovered this blog (I was looking for a review of the playing-card book), but I've read all the recent posts -- and plan on reading the archives! It's very well-written, informative, enlightening, and entertaining. Not to mention aesthetically pleasing.

A blog is precisely the forum where I would expect to find more personal information. And, I'd be very interested in reading about your other work.
I'm really happy to hear that everyone's up for it, and relieved too! Expect more backstage posts in upcoming weeks.

And THANK YOU for the compliments.
Heather Brooks said…
Post all the cool stories you desire - can't wait to read 'em!