Article Post: Aesthetics and Striptease

I recently got into a discussion about pornography on another website, unfortunately, and while I just don't have time I used to have to get into those debates, I did do a little research to see if I could find any of my old porn debate articles to which to refer. I got distracted from my search by another writer's article on striptease:

"I have argued that the female nude as she is represented in high art, is only rendered legitimate due to her framed nature. I have echoed the sentiments of Bourdieu and claimed that there is no objective basis on which to condemn objects of art or artistic expressions, which involve sensuous appeal. Part of my defence of striptease has been recognition of the activity as a legitimate form of artistic expression. Moreover, I have suggested that if a Marxist account of art is allowed, there are grounds for defending the notion that the art of striptease is good art on the basis that it might assist in the development and realisation of feminist sexual liberation."

Aesthetics and Striptease
by Patricia Petersen
National Sociology Conference - December 1998

Tangerine Jones
Above: The Fabulous Tangerine Jones. Art indeed! Photo by me, taken at Coney Island.

I'll get back to the porn debate another day. Those anti-pornies freak me out a little, they get personal and hostile so fast.


The writer's understanding of pornography is kind of sad to say the least. I've got her "heroine of feminist sexual interest" right here. Big words, little meaning.

Academic navel gazing aside,Tangerine J is my homegirl and I love seeing her in action!

Thanks for the leer!
It's better than the fundmentalist anti-porn crap I was dealing with on another site, believe me. Sometimes I'm grateful for just about anybody who's not Bill O'Reilly or Andrea Dworkin.

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