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When I was a stripper at the Cheetah III, we had a calendar on the wall that listed all the upcoming conventions so we'd know which nights the club needed extra dancers. Our favorite convention was "The Chicken Pluckers," a huge gathering of those in the poultry game (and ironically, I detest chicken), whose members, if one were to judge by their behavior, were not audited on their expense accounts.

Iowahawk, a non-burlesque blogger, posted pix from a conventioneers' guide to Chicago in 1959 that features lots of burlesque and makes me wonder if there was an equivalent guide for the conventions in Atlanta:

'Consider the week of April 3, 1959. Chicago was teeming with conventioneers ranging from the American Welding Society, National Automatic Merchandising Association, Music Operators of America, National Association of Waste Material Dealers, Life & Casualty Insurance Conference, International Council of Shopping Centers, National Association of Tobacco Distributors, and (I am not making this up), the "National Military-Industrial Conference" at the Palmer House April 5-8. '
Welcome Conventioneers

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Susan said…
The Chicken Pluckers are still big money in the ATL and talked about fondly by current Cheetah and Pink Pony dancers. Also, fun to say.
I've got a great one from the 1962 Kiwanas convention in Denver! Lotsa great burlesque ads!

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