I recently bought a pair of feather fans from ostrich.com and have to assemble them myself. Do you have any tips for assembling them? I have read the instructions and it looks a little tough. I don't want to screw up since the feathers are kinda spendy

Just go for it. The feathers are tougher than you think! Assemble it without the glue, though, because you never know when you'll want to change or add feathers. Take your time to make sure all the feathers curve in the same direction--lay it out without attaching the feathers before you begin. And I usually leave the lengths of string knotted between the staves to be about 2.5-3 inches. Check my facebook page, under the name Jo Weldon, to see if other folks have added other helpful tips to this post.
I love the collapsible fans! The fans I'm using in this photo are ostrich.com Junior Sally Rand fans:
/Jo at Surf Burlesque

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shimarella said…
Oh good! I just ordered your fan DVd and was scouting around for a pair of fans...

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