A Quickie with Toni Elling!

Ms Toni Elling got her name from Duke Ellington, a close friend, when she began performing in the 1960s. She became known for her originality and her skillful strut. She worked throughout the US Northeast and in Japan. She created a huge stir with the way she walked across the stage upon her return at BHoF in 2006, and has brought her signature style to stages from Detroit to New York. Today she is known for teaching the Three P’s: Parade, Pose, and Peel.

Are you performing at BHOF this year?
I will not be performing at BHOF this year; however, I will do the Walk Of Fame

What are some of your favorite things about the BHOF Weekender?
I love being able to see old friends and making new ones!

 Have you taught a class before?
Yes, I have done classes before. It makes me happy to share my knowledge.

 What do you hope students will get out of your class?
  I hope to show students how panels can be used in an act!

See Toni perform!

Parade, Pose, and Peel (featuring the Panel Skirt)
With Toni Elling
2:00pm - 3:00pm
$50, advance tickets here, seats are limited
Toni returns with her hit class on strutting the stage and handling panel skirts! Panel skirts are gaining new appreciation in the neo-burlesque movement for their ability to convey both grace and fire. Learn how to manipulate them with beauty and passion from a mistress of the form! If you have a panel skirt, bring it! Wear stretchy comfortable clothing and bring a pair of dance shoes.
You can register for Toni's class:

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Finishing School is sponsored by Burlycon
Special thanks to Coco Te Amo for administering the interview!

Read more about Toni here:


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