Leopard Print Pasties

At the end of November 2019, my work bag was stolen. It contained the props I use to teach burlesque: boas, gloves, fans, and pasties, as well as the clothes I wear to teach, my speaker and cords, and the suitcase itself.

I needed to raise money fast so I could get the props and be able to work.
I put out a notice to the burlesque community on social media. I said I was available to fill in as a host and performer and offered to make custom leopard print pasties. The support was incredible. My former students hired me for their shows. People made enough cash donations to cover the cost of replacing boas and gloves and some of the other equipment. Tiger Bay donated a pair of beautiful fans. And people ordered leopard print pasties in droves, in a matter of days. I was crying with gratitude.

It took me almost two months to handle all the orders. Even though I've taught thousands of people to make basic pasties, I wasn't used to making pasties on demand, or to making spinners. I didn't know how to keep the right amount of supplies on hand. I had one delay after another, but I got all of them done!

In fact, I learned so much that I want to keep doing it, and eventually replace everything that got stolen! If you order these you are not only getting a unique item (I draw every leopard spot by hand and no two pasties are alike), you are helping me run the school where I've taught thousands of people to twirl tassels. There is nothing like putting tasseled pasties on a roomful of people who hardly know each other and then watching them look in the mirror at their half naked bodies with new delight as they learn this silly, sexy skill. I'm indescribably happy that I get to help women look into the mirror and smile.

To see more of the pasties and get details, visit my site at

If you order pasties, I hope you enjoy them! If not, I hope you get to see and enjoy them on someone else. 

Stay Fierce!


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