New York Student Showcase Photos from August 15, 2021, DROM NYC

On August 15, I produced the first New York School of Burlesque student showcase in over 18 months. The students spent five weeks developing their own routines with guidance from me and from each other. They chose their own themes, assembled their own costumes, and developed their own choreography. Many of them had been waiting for years to do their first performance! We also featured Trinity Starlight as our headlining alumna, a former student who's now an accomplished producer.

Here are some photos from Katherine Whitehead Photography, who was hired by the students to do photos and video of the show. 

Kaya Toast

Alexandra Peach

Miss Miette

Sassie LeFay

PuppyGirl Anastasia

Agent DD7

Trinity Starlight

Tatas Fornow

Tann Talizing

Constance Snow

Headmistress Jo

Our next 2021 Student Showcase is November 7 at DROM!
Featuring an all-new group of students creating solo numbers together.

Details to come at


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