Rehearsal Studio Etiquette (Business of Burlesque)

The rehearsal studio, where most classes take place, is a sacred space, and must be used with enormous consideration of everyone who uses it. Here are some general tips for using the space considerately (and making good impressions on other performers and producers):

1) Manage your time. Your time starts when it starts. That means that your access to the space that is being rented begins with the start time you booked, so if you need half an hour to set up, you reserve and pay for that half hour. This includes breakdown and socializing time, too. Make sure you are not occupying another performer's time, or taking advantage of a studio that is probably already stretched to the limit of its resources. And know where you are going afterwards so that you are not milling around the entry.

2) Leave it like you found it. If it was messy, leave it better than you found it. Return everything to a position that allows maximum space and convenience for the next artist.

3) Plan when you'll eat or drink, and do your best not to do it in the studio. Food and drink have odors that can disturb others, and dyes and oils that can stain costumes and floors. Having to clean up eats into class time.

The point of these is not to be a rule-follower, but to be an art-enabler. Make time and space for other artists and you'll help build a mindful and supportive community around you!

Do you use, share, or own a rental studio? Feel free to drop your tips in the comments!

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