School of Burlesque Classes in New York City and Online!


                     Above: Students in the September Fan Dance Workshop

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Are you Burlesque-Curious?
Get acquainted with our fancy performing art in this fun and friendly class, featuring simple moves that will get you into the burlesque groove!

Dress for movement!
Gigi Holliday will teach you basic burlesque moves and get you into showgirl form in this introductory class! Designed for all levels, it's the perfect way to begin your journey into this sexy and playful performing art.

Thinking about performing? Get a crash course in what goes into Burlesque Act Development! You'll learn about coming up with an effective stage name, generating ideas, getting into character, choosing music, developing choreography, incorporating striptease, and basic costuming techniques and concerns.
Perfect for beginners or experienced performers who want a to renew their inspiration.
Lecture-based with acting and choreography exercises, dress for comfort and movement.

Striptease is the most unique element of neo-burlesque performances, and often the most misunderstood. Learn the psychology and logistics of theatrical striptease with a master. Bring a button-down shirt, a pair of stockings, and a bath towel. Jo will provide elbow-length gloves for students to borrow, or bring your own. Recommended wear: leotards or dance shorts layered with leggings, jeans, or skirts.
This is an extended version of the first class in the Essential Burlesque series.
Lecture-based with acting and choreography exercises, dress for comfort and movement.

Experience Perle Noire's provocative guide to seducing your reflection without regrets or guilt. Ultimately, the full program serves as a transformation through the art of self-seduction and self-love absolutely guilt-free. This 90-minute workshop will introduce you to an experience that can change your life.

Join Jo Weldon, author of The Burlesque Handbook, as she takes students though every element of creating a solo burlesque routine, from choosing music to putting together a costume to interacting with a live audience. Each participant will also receive individual attention and guidance. Students will have the option of performing their routine live in a student showcase!

Burlesque: Air, Water, Earth, Fire
Jo Weldon, Headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque, presents a new online series in collaboration with the world-renowned scholars at Morbid Anatomy.
The series guides students into exploration of seductive dance movement through literal and mystical interpretations of the four elements of air, water, earth, and fire. Air dancing will incorporate inspiration, stillness, and lightness. Water movement will address undulating, smooth, shimmering dance, exploring both water’s surface and depths. Earth movement will focus on balance, grounding, and floor moves. Fire movement will incorporate passion, speed, seduction, and brightness. Ultimately students will access the fifth element of Spirit!
Throughout, students will discover which elements they wish to embody, and essential burlesque details about music, costuming, and props will be part of the discussions.

Want to find out  more about any of these classes? 

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