Five-Minute Pasties (Burlesque Costume)

This video is for beginners who may not be very crafty! It's also designed to reduce purchases and waste during the pandemic. My idea is to massively simplify the process of shopping for and making pasties that are usable for beginner practice. I want students to have to spend the least amount of money for the quickest results, since this is more about learning the twirling technique than the crafting technique. When you're just getting started, you want to just get started! Get these made, sign up for a class, and let's have a twirling party at the New York School of Burlesque! You can join scheduled group classes online now at, book a private lesson, or you can schedule a zoom party for you and your friends. Ingredients: Glitter foam craft paper Rayon chainette tassels (3 inches with a 1 inch loop, in this case) Tacky glue (MagnaTac or FabriTac, for instance) Large bobby pins Compass with pencil

I cover my crafting area with wax paper, held down with weights or masking tape. You may have to make more than one pair to like the way they look and you may not make the right size the first time. Be prepared to test different sizes of circles, on regular paper if you don't want to waste any craft foam, to find a size you like. Try a 3-inch diameter circle, which will make about a 2.5 inch pastie depending on how much of the edges you cross over, and see how it goes.

Did this work for you? Post photos in the comments! Or, send me photos of your accomplishments! See also my post on how to make tassels from chainette fringe, as I describe in The Burlesque Handbook. I use Braza "problem solved" body tape to adhere them to my skin.

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Direct link to watch Five-Minute Pasties on YouTube:

To see the more detailed pasties I make for professionals:

Since the five-minute pasties don't have some of the elaborate special features that make tassel-twirling a bit easier, if you can twirl with these, you'll be a master when you get a pair of finely-crafted pasties. Connoisseurs might not think much of them when they get a close look, but were they ever gonna pay to come to your show? Nah, don't worry about that elitist stuff till you're further along. If you are crafty and experienced and are looking to build your pastie-making skills, and you want to make the finest, most sophisticated, and most detail-oriented pasties, you must subscribe to Manuge Et Toi on Patreon -- you gotta PAY for that kind of info, folks!


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