Jo Weldon is Adding a New Series and A Book Club at the School of Burlesque! Begins May 30 2020

The Burlesque Handbook turns 10 in 2020! It’s kicked off many an international performing career. It’s currently used all over the world by beginners and intermediates to build and improve burlesque routines. Many call it the Burlesque Bible.

The School of Burlesque Book Club is free on Zoom. Email with the words "School Of Burlesque Book Club" in your subject line for this week's invitation.
Every week she'll talk about a different book. On special occasions she'll interview the author, or have a guest come on to talk about one of their favorite books.

Saturday, May 30 2020 Saturday, 4 pm EST (free, but registration required):
Re-Introducing The Burlesque Handbook
Jo will discuss how she came to create and publish The Burlesque Handbook, and will talk about Dixie Evans and Jennie Lee, the founders of The Burlesque Hall of Fame, to whom the book is dedicated. Interactive, with QNA (only for questions related to her talk).
This will also kick off the School of Burlesque Book Club, where a different burlesque book will be discussed every Saturday at 4 pm.
To register, email with the words “Registering for May 30, 4 pm EST” in the subject line and the code RITBH in the body of your email.
Additional authors are being scheduled now!
To keep notified of upcoming sessions and invited guests book mark this page:

New Series!
This webinar series comprises 20 sections based on the contents of The Burlesque Handbook. While not a strict reiteration of the book, discussions and classes will run parallel to it. There will be some lecture classes and some movement. Classes will be recorded, so if the time doesn't work for you, you'll have access to the videos for a limited time. Most classes will include a followup email that may contain worksheets, further information, or links to articles or videos related to topics discussed in class.

June 2, 2020
Illustrated lectures
Every history is only one version of that history.
This is yet another perspective, presented by a stripper who's been a stripper's rights activist, feature dancer, and burlesque performer since 1980.
A History of American Burlesque Striptease 1880s-1980s
Learn how burlesque evolved from a satirical theatrical form into a fabulous striptease bonanza.
A History of Neo-Burlesque 1990s-2020
Learn how punk rock and strip joints contributed to the birth of a new burlesque.
Details and Registration:

More topics:

June 9:
Lectures with worksheets
Developing Ideas for Numbers: Inspiration and Originality
Neo and Classic: Tradition and Innovation

June 16:
Movement with demo and choreography
Boa Work, Beginning and Intermediate
Glove Peels: Techniques and Tease

June 23
Movement with demo and choreography
Bump N Grind N Shimmy
Demos of construction and decoration, with shopping guide
Pastie Construction, Basic to Advanced, and adhesive options for applying them to your body

June 30:
Movement with demo and choreography
Fan Dance: Ostrich Feather Fans, includes shopping and construction tips
Movement with demo and choreography
Tassels, Assels, and Anarchy: Learn how to twirl tassels in every direction on any part of your body!

July 7:
Choosing Music, Choreography Tips
Costume Ideation: What Makes A Costume?

July 14:
Stage Names
Costume Elements: Fringe, Rhinestones, and Breakaways

July 21:
Character and Persona
Makeup and Hair Stage Glam Essentials

July 28:
Gimmicks and Props
Standing Out From The Crowd

August 4:
Online Presence
Getting Gigs

August 11 (free to all who have paid for classes in this series, use button to purchase if you have not taken any classes in this series)
Zoom link will be sent to all students who've taken any of the series classes.
6 pm Crash Course in Confidence for Onstage and Off
7.10 pm All-student meetup and qna
Invitation will be sent to all students who have paid for any of the classes above.

We hope to see you online and in real life soon!


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