Business of Burlesque Presentation January 15 2022

Hello everyone! You can watch/listen to the Business of Burlesque presentation here. This was a presentation about how new burlesque performers can begin to get gigs.
The slide show begins a couple of minutes in. The question and answer section begins at about 33 minutes in. If after listening to all 55 minutes you have suggestions, questions, regional-specific differences, disagreements, or corrections, drop it in the comments here or on youtube! Students will see it! If you post it on Facebook and talk about it there, they'll never get to see your comments and they will eventually get lost in the Facebook feed.

Remember, almost all of our New York School of Burlesque classes are taught by performers who also produce shows. Attending burlesque classes is a great way to network with fellow students AND people who are significant movers and shakers in the burlesque industry and community!