February 2022 Classes at the New York School of Burlesque!

Get ready for a fantastic roster of classes coming up in February!

All of our instructors are accomplished burlesque artists!
This month:
Briq House, Gigi Holliday, The Maine Attraction, Miss Poison Ivory, Rosie Cheeks, and Headmistress Jo Weldon.

All classes are in-person in NYC unless otherwise noted.

All classes are suitable for all levels unless otherwise noted.

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Flirting With Burlesque

Live Online
Are you Burlesque-Curious? Get acquainted with our fancy performing art in this fun and friendly class, featuring simple moves that will get you into the burlesque groove!

Essential Burlesque
This series features four workshops, each focusing on a different mode of burlesque solo movement with props. Props include your own clothes, plus our chairs, feather fans, boas, gloves, and even tasseled pasties!

Burlesque Improv and Choreography
Dress for movement! Gigi Holliday will teach you basic burlesque moves and get you into showgirl form in this introductory class! Designed for all levels, it's the perfect way to begin your journey into this sexy and playful performing art.

Costuming for Character
Recommended for all students, whatever your style! Love dressing up like your favorite characters? Want to make sure your burlesque costumes wow the crowd? Join Rosie Cheeks, one of the hottest performers and producers in New York City burlesque, for a class on assembling the level of polished and coherent character costumes that can make or break your numbers. She will describe a few of her most popular costumes and show how she brought them together, including how ot make layers work with your character. This workshop will open your eyes to all the possibilities! Get ready to be inspired and to solve some of your most vexing costume issues.
PS All the people in the photo above are Rosie.

Body Love
Part discussion, Part movement, Part sex education, this workshop is designed to help you strengthen your relationship with your Temple (Body) from a Body and Sex Positive lens. Approaching the topics of our varied physical attributes, abilities, genders, and sexualities with love and excitement can positively alter the way we move within ourselves and the world. This positive change can make us better performers, allies, teachers, advocates, partners, and people.

Pinup Styles for Textured and Curly Hair
If you love pinup and showgirl style but many of the hair tutorials you've seen fail your curly-to-4C tresses, this is for you! Learn from The Maine Attraction, an internationally-celebrated burlesque pioneer who's been making waves since she first started.

A History of the G-String
ONLINE: Illustrated Lecture with Jo Weldon. The G-String, called “the ultimate triangle” by semiotician and fashion theorist Roland Barthes, has a dazzling history going back to ancient cultures in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Learn how this tiny garment and its cousins, the thong and the loincloth, served artists, athletes, and warriors before becoming the symbol of the stripteaser; how it has appeared in literature high and low; and how it evolves to both reflect and influence culture and the ways in which various bodies are perceived, celebrated, censured, and policed. From the decent to the indecent, from the vulgar to the divine, the g-string has always simultaneously revealed and concealed more than meets the eye.

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Please share about these classes!
We appreciate your support on social media and in word-of-mouth.


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