How to Support this Blog

Several people have asked how they can support this blog. Thank you for your kindness!

Originally begun on the legacy site G-strings Forever in 2001, this blog has been present to support new burlesquers since the early neo-burlesque movement. For over 15 years, Jo Weldon has been producing free content on the internet for people who want to begin to learn burlesque. She has included articles related to costuming, movement, composition, choreography, getting hired, producing shows, interviews with Legends and other burlesque cultural leaders, and so much more.

How can you support it in return? All you need to do is praise it to other people!

In this age where virtual word of mouth is everything and algorithms fight against older sites, especially those with adult-related media, the best thing you can do is to tell people about it. Share posts and quotes with enthusiasm. Let people know what this site did for you. Help a neo-burlesque elder and pioneer keep her legacy alive.

But most importantly, it feels like it's worth all the work that went into producing this media to hear that this blog has been helpful to you! Comment on posts, ask questions, suggest articles right here ont he blog. When you interact with it, it helps the algorithms. To let Jo know you learned something, or that this blog made something easier for you, or simply that you enjoyed it, feel free to shoot her an email at

If you would like to tip or otherwise financially support this non-monetized blog, which is provided in the hope of boosting and promoting burlesque education and performance, you can tip Jo on Venmo at @joweldon or on Paypal.

PS I'm Jo.


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