Bouffants in Burlesque

While there is no doubt that the first half of the 20th century was the golden age of striptease burlesque, and that's the era I have the deepest appreciation for, I have a sneaky little passion for the late 1960s. It could be because that's about the time I was old enough to perceive glamour and aspire to it. I had an amazing Barbie doll--a Stacie, actually--that looked like Marilyn Monroe with quite the bouff. One of the movies that influenced my taste in glamourous women was the 1967 version of Casino Royale, for instance.

Natalie Wood with what I consider a small but significant bouff:

Ann-Margret, always a worthy idol, in "The Swinger":

One of my all-time favorites (sadly, not embeddable, but not to be missed, and yes I've ordered a boa like that and a wig like that, I'm such a drag queen):
The Silencers

For more on the style my next number will be tributing, visit this amazing site: Beauty and the Bouffant

A little style from; click on the photo for more of the poster's 1960s hair images:


David Priol said…
You have a wonderful blog and I loved your photos at Flickr. Have yourself a great 2008 and thanks for the update on Sherry Britten... David ~~~ downunda

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