Texas Burlesque Festival News

My friend Susan Wayward has posted about The Texas Burlesque Festival!

'There is one image that will endure as a defining moment for the Texas Burlesque Festival: A voluptuous, pale Black Mariah, clad in Presidential Seal pasties, a sash emblazoned with "Decider," and a rubber George W Bush mask that seemed to have more expressiveness and personality than the president himself. Walking out on stage in her presidential drag, the crowd played along, booing and hissing. “Welcome to Austin!,” I said to my companion, “We hate the president here.” It was a perfect combination of vaudeville, striptease, and commentary that makes up burlesque in Austin.'

Texas Burlesque Festival Roundup

Susan and I originally got acquainted through mutual appreciation of this photo of the Hot Mess performing in NYC:


Susan said…
And a mutual appreciation of political ass.

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