Sherry Britton's 85th Birthday

For Sherry's 85th birthday, she had a fabulous party, and the invitation was a charming 8 page booklet. She is allowing me to show part of it here, and I'm very excited to share just a bit of how amazing this woman is and how incredible her life is. She is one of the most gracious, outspoken, and hilarious people you'd ever want to meet! I've been really fortunate to get to know her and have her as a friend. When being involved in the burlesque world means you get to know people with soul, brains, and talent like this, you can see why I stay passionate about the community as well as the art form. Some of the best people in the world are in burlesque.






Anonymous said…
I first heard about Sherry when I was watching an HBO ON Demand show
on former burlesque performers. She sure was a knockout in the forties! I applaud her for doing legitimate plays and musicals and for going back to school. WIsh I could meet her or have an autograph. Happy Birthday Sherry!

Matt G.
Anonymous said…
I too would like an autograph. I am going to be building a site based on her and would like to know how to get more information and pictures of her. Maybe even have her endorse the site...
Anonymous said…
God! Sherry is gorgeous! Even at 85.

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