From the Liz Renay Exhibition Opening

Liz Renay Exhibition at Deitch Projects
Liz Fans in Front of one of Liz's Paintings: Pinkie Special, Bambi the Mermaid, Scott Ewalt, Bunny Love, Dr. Lucky.

Liz Renay Exhibition at Deitch
Some of Liz's Promo Materials

Liz Renay Exhibition at DeitchMe with Scott Ewalt (the curator and a close friend of Liz's) and a Costume

Liz Renay Exhibition at Deitch
Sequinette with one of the Mannequins

Liz Renay Watching Over the Rehearsal
An image of Liz Scott drew on the chalkboard in the rehearsal space.

There are also lots of lovely paintings by Liz, and some astonishing memorabilia, but I didn't get any pix of those.