I'm trying to learn more about the neo burlesque movement, are there any books you would recommend?

Brian Smith, Photographer and Burlesque Fan

I saw where you recommended Polly-O shoes but I am curious if you have any other tips on shoes for burlesque performances, especially when its a dancey number.

Do you think it impacts how a dancer is viewed by producers, MCs, other dancers if their spouse shows up for every gig?

I'm a budding photographer and a fan of burlesque. What does it take to have a performer pose for me to help expand my portfolio and in turn, provide photos?

What's the greatest compliment a viewer can give to a performer?

Me at the Mothers of Burlesque Show in AMNY!

I recently bought a pair of feather fans from and have to assemble them myself. Do you have any tips for assembling them? I have read the instructions and it looks a little tough. I don't want to screw up since the feathers are kinda spendy

Hi Jo, I'll be visiting New York City for the summer from LA! I've never been to a burlesque show in the city, so where can I find out about all the latest happenings?

Is it possible to copyright an act? How is it done? Do you think it is important? If a performer seems to be appropriating work, is it best to confront or ignore? Defend idea.. or take as compliment??

Once in a Lifetime Burlesque Show in NYC!

As a budding burlesque beauty how does one promote themselves? I just graduated from Trixie Little Burlesque Bootcamp and had my first performance. I live in the Washington D.C. area. Any tips?