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Our Showcase is Tonight! Here are some performers from our last showcase!

Our student showcase is tonight at DROM NYC! Headmistress Jo Weldon is in COVID quarantine, but Gigi Holliday is taking up the mic so the students will be in good hands! Tickets are at And if you're thinking about performing yourself, you can sign up for the next Act Development series now: Below are a few pictures from Katherine Whitehead, who'se been our official NYSB photographer for 2022. Check back for more student photos and quotes! Above: Amanda Poise Above: Stiletto Sinclair. “If you’re reading this wondering if you should take a class with Jo, this is your sign to do it. I found burlesque exciting but I wasn’t sure if burlesque was “for me” and being able to put together my own act to perform on stage was daunting. Jo is a great teacher that gives you the information that you need to know and fosters a creative environment for you