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Interview: 21st Century Burlesque Founder Holli-Mae Johnson

About ten years ago I began a website called G-Strings Forever!, a tribute website to both strip joint strippers and burlesque. I was posting fuzzy digital photos of the scene I knew and setting up links and writing articles without the benefit of much site programming ability, and without blogging technology, flickr, or youtube. Inspired by the original Velvet Hammer website, I interviewed curfnt performers and burlesque legends. I wanted desperately to convey what was amazing and inspiring about these art forms and the people in them. Fortunately, as the School of Burlesque and The Burlesque Handbook have begun to keep me busier and busier, other, more able people have picked up that job, and one of the most inspiring is Holli-Mae Johnson, Editor-In-Chief of 21st Century Burlesque. Above: Holli-Mae, The Editor-In-Chief. How did you become interested in burlesque? Well, I suppose it was likely that, as a performer and with the friends and interests that I had, I would come across

New York School of Burlesque on Tour!

The New York School of Burlesque has presented classes around the world! We've taught tassel-twirling, seduction, and comic narrative from New York to New Zealand. If you want us to bring our classes to your location, email us at We can bring you classes on any subject related to burlesque, including full weekend workshops on creating numbers. Ask us about our instructors, or check out this page to learn more about them. We curate carefully for the most experienced teachers--not only do we represent the most experienced performers, but also instructors with a real gift for bringing out the best in their students. In association with Miss Indigo Blue, Reigning Queen of Burlesque, we also curate and produce classes at Burlycon and The Burlesque Hall of Fame. UPCOMING The one and only New York School of Burlesque takes the showgirl on the road when Headmistress Jo "Boobs" Weldon (named Best & Hottest Teacher by the Village Voice)