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Burlesque Costume Crafting Series in September! In-Person Workshops.

Burlesque Crafting Classes! In-Person in NYC. Thursdays in September at 6-7.15 pm. Only $40 each, supplies included. Location: Club Cumming at 505 E 6th St, NYC 10009 Instructor: Tallulah Talons, Producer of Pandemic Burlesque. All are welcome--no prior experience needed Space is very limited and advance reservations are required. Use PayPal button to pay to register. Scheduled Topics: 9/2 - rip-away fringed shimmy belt making 9/9 - custom pastie making 9/16 - pinup hair flower making 9/23 - fancy facemasks for performances 9/30 - panel skirt making What to bring: Bring proof of vaccination and ID showing that you are 21+, and a facemask. Your fee includes the basic materials needed to complete each project such as fabric, thread, needles, glue, fasteners, fringe, tassels, sequins, and resin rhinestones. If you would like to use specific materials or need to match the colors of a specific costume, you may also bring additional things from home like custom trims or rhinestones. Location

Stripteasing With Zippers! In-Person Class in NYC

T his Monday, August 30, at 6 pm in NYC! Taking Off! Striptease Choreo and Improv Live in-person in-studio. Playing with new topics every week while developing choreography skills. Mondays, 6-7 pm. Please arrive with vaccination card or pass and ID. Location: In NYC's fabulous Garment District at Aerial Arts, 150 West 30th St. in Manhattan August 30: Zip It! We'll be talking about zippers as we discuss the basics of burlesque choreography! Bring at least one item that zips -- hoodies, dresses, boots, jeans, etc. -- and Jo will show you how to develop choreography for you during the class! This is a movement class. Important note: bring items that remove easily once unzipped.     PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR A NEW IN-PERSON CLASS ABOUT STRIPTEASE AND SENSUALITY, CALLED "FEELING YOURSELF." See Jo Weldon do a devastating zipper tease on IGTV Rhinestone zipper image from:

Happy Birthday, Dixie Evans!

  Happy Birthday, Dixie Evans! If you've ever heard of The Burlesque Hall of Fame, it's Dixie you have to thank. She took over the burlesque museum, Exotic World, when it was a ranch in the middle of the desert, and kept it going by starting the Miss Exotic World Pageant. This museum and event became The Burlesque Hall of Fame and The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender you'll often hear referred to as BHoF. She and Jennie were ahead of their time, demanding recognition, respect, and rights for strippers, and crediting the influence of strippers on popular culture in a way many people weren't prepared to appreciate. They were activists and advocates and we owe them so much. Dixie was one of my personal mentors, and one of the most powerful things she taught me was to welcome everyone. She always loved the history of burlesque, and celebrated new performers as the future of burlesque. Just a few months before she died I got to sit with her and tell her how I had traveled al

How to Buy Pasties on the Internet (Burlesque Costume)

Where to buy excellent nipple pasties? You are probably looking for pasties that can be applied many times, that stand up to use, and, if you want to twirl tassels, have tassels that twirl easily. The ones in sex toy stores or on Alibaba may not be knowledgably constructed with tassel-twirling or sturdiness in mind. Like lacy playsuits, they are great for photo shoots, but don't necessarily function and hold up under performance conditions. You need pasties made by people who know what's involved in a high-perofrmance pastie! Above: A video of me testing a leopard-print rhinestone pastie I made, to make sure the tassel-twirling attachment is operating smoothly. I often get asked where to buy pasties, and I always say that the best pastie makers have experience with burlesque. Either they are performers themselves, or they specialize in making costumes for performers. They understand the functions and rigors of performance, and they are inspired by the opportunities of innovativ

Shopping for Feather Fans for Burlesque (Burlesque Costume)

Shopping for your first pair of feather fans can be confusing! Let me put your mind at ease. I’ll make a separate post about building your own fans. This post is written to help you understand what you’re looking at when you’re shopping for a pair of constructed fans. Also, this post is only about feather fans, so it won’t discuss silk, paper, or other kinds of fans. Common Feather Styles: Marabou Marabou, when talking about fans, is a special type of down feather – the soft feathers that lie under the firmer, shinier feathers of birds such as geese and the actual marabou stork. The marabou you’re likely to encounter is often from turkeys. It’s often used as trim – the light and very fluffy boas you often see used on the hems of nightgowns, for example, or in rows on the hems of fine dressing gowns such as those made by Catherine D’Lish. Below are some links to marabou fans: Standard 11-12 inch fans:

Fan Dance Class This Sunday August 22! Here's a preview of a few poses you'll learn.

Have you always wanted to get your hands on a pair of those glamourous feather fans? Now you can -- no experience required! Jo Weldon will put her fabulous fans right into your hands! She'll share a bit of the history of some of the biggest influences on modern fan dance, including Sally Rand, Noel Toy, and Jean Idelle. She'll also give shopping tips for buying your first pair of fans. She'll show you a wrist and shoulder warmup to get you started,  then you'll handle the big fans yourself! Note: though this post post from 2021, fan dance technique is also a part of our Essential Burlesque Series! Sign Up Now at Selfies with the fans are encouraged!