I work at a very “proper” office and while I’m getting more and more successful at burlesque I sometimes face a problem if I want an event in the paper since I’m afraid a co worker will find out and suddenly burst out “hey, isn’t you??!" Any

What are your tips for rehearsing burlesque routines?

What's your approach on burlesque which is less about the stripping and more about the performance art/theatre? (EG many queer, minority, political acts) Some love it, some think it shouldn't be considered burlesque at all!

Are there any straight boylesque performers, or are they all gay?

Thousands of Burlesque Photos on Flickr

What affect do you think the film "Burlesque" will have on the burlesque scene?

* You have been hired to do an act based on a sci fi character. Who do you choose and why?

My band saw you perform at the Slipper Room while we were on tour up in NYC, and loved the show. We were curious how you picked your music, and how we could be considered.

* Personal preference. G-string, thong or panty.

I Guess We Won't be Marketing My Book in Iceland!

The Burlesque Handbook

I am interested in taking beginner classes, what I wanted to ask is this, if I continually study burlesque are there any career opportunities in performing? I am an actress, model,former Playboy bunny,ballroom dancer.

Any book tours in the works?

A Pictorial History of Striptease: 100 Years of Undressing to Music (Book Review)

What is the most annoying thing you see when you watch beginning burlesque performers on the stage?

What is your best beauty tip/secret?

Burlesque V Stripping

Did you perform at any strip clubs in NYC? What ones?

The Queens of Burlesque in NYC, March 11, 2010