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I love your videos (Fandance, Honey & Spice) and want to try to make a copy of the cute black top hat you wear with that vintage circus costume. How do you fix it to your hair? Pins? Comb? Rubber band? Thank you!

That hat, made of painted styrofoam, is available online at various places, and my roommate Julie Muz decorated it with feathers and glitter. It's on a headband. Here's a similar one on And for those who haven't seen the hat this formspringer is asking about, here's the video: Play Ask me anything about Burlesque!

I am visiting NYC from Aug 15-20 and was hoping to get a recommendation on where to see the best burlesque show. What would you suggest?

Check out Brooklyn Ed's calendar I can't recommend Bambi the Mermaid's Coney Island show highly enough!! Ask me anything about Burlesque!

Someone new in the scene ripped off my burlesque routine I've been doing for almost 4 years. What should I do?

Try contacting them and asking them about it, to be sure that they're ripping it off and not just responding to the zeitgeist. If you're already sure or not satisified with their response, keep doing it better, post more pictures and video of it, and file a cease and desist if you think it's warranted. And let people know if you think someone else is an intellectual property thief--you do no one in the scene a favor if you let them keep hiring an unethical performer. I have been ripped off a bit and have had people feel entitled to my intellectual property. It's interesting as a teacher, where someone who has taken my class will teach a class that is essentially the same and then say that it's not a rip off because I didn't invent burlesque, ignoring the fact that I manage to work with burlesque teachers from all over the world without feeling that they are compromising my intellectual property. I'm a fan of The Art of War, which means I try to think of all

Why do you think so many of todays Burlesque performers don't take pride in keeping their body in shape? Is burlesque really just an excuse for some out of shape women to take their clothes off and try to feel good about themselves?

The world is full of places where women are encouraged to feel bad about themselves if they aren't willing to diet and exercise into the condition the media says they should be. Feel free to go to those places, and stay in one of them. Ask me anything about Burlesque!