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School of Burlesque Classes in New York City and Online!

                       Above: Students in the September Fan Dance Workshop Want to find out  more about any of the classes listed below?  Head over to ! FLIRTING WITH BURLESQUE Are you Burlesque-Curious? Get acquainted with our fancy performing art in this fun and friendly class, featuring simple moves that will get you into the burlesque groove! BURLESQUE IMPROV AND CHOREOGRAPHY Dress for movement! Gigi Holliday will teach you basic burlesque moves and get you into showgirl form in this introductory class! Designed for all levels, it's the perfect way to begin your journey into this sexy and playful performing art. PERFORMANCE FUNDAMENTALS! Thinking about performing? Get a crash course in what goes into Burlesque Act Development! You'll learn about coming up with an effective stage name, generating ideas, getting into character, choosing music, developing choreography, incorporating striptease, and basic costuming techniques and concerns. Perfect for beg

How to Bring a Burlesque Legend to Your Event and Make Them Feel Like Royalty (Business of Burlesque)

How to Bring a Legend to Your Event and Make Them Feel Like Royalty Image Above: Toni Elling, Escorted by Butch Charming C. Photolena Onstage at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender 2019 There is no thrill quite like seeing a Legend of Burlesque bring their decades of skills to the stage. It is a unique experience that every festival should bring to their audience. However, if it is your first time hiring a Legend, you’ll find they may have different needs than newer performers, so here are some tips on how to treat your Legend like the royalty they are and make them feel safe, comfortable, and happy. These tips are based on conversations with Legends and with people who have hired Legends. Communication is key. Be prepared to talk with your Legend on the phone. You may follow up with emails confirming the details of your conversations to make sure you are in agreement and to have a record of

BurlyCon Online is Happening Today and Tomorrow!

You can join the entire weekend of classes, many of which are also available as recordings if you can't make the live class, or you can sign up individually. Headmistress Jo Weldon will be joining a FREE panel with legends of burlesque and the people who love them. If you've been hearing about legends and you want to know how to meet them, or just understand their place in the professional burlesque community, you can attend! All BurlyCon options are available at #burlesque #burlesqueclasses #businessofburlesque #burlesquelegends  

Rehearsal Studio Etiquette (Business of Burlesque)

The rehearsal studio, where most classes take place, is a sacred space, and must be used with enormous consideration of everyone who uses it. Here are some general tips for using the space considerately (and making good impressions on other performers and producers): 1) Manage your time. Your time starts when it starts. That means that your access to the space that is being rented begins with the start time you booked, so if you need half an hour to set up, you reserve and pay for that half hour. This includes breakdown and socializing time, too. Make sure you are not occupying another performer's time, or taking advantage of a studio that is probably already stretched to the limit of its resources. And know where you are going afterwards so that you are not milling around the entry. 2) Leave it like you found it. If it was messy, leave it better than you found it. Return everything to a position that allows maximum space and convenience for the next artist. 3) Plan when you'll