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I Wish We All Were Nude -- Remembering Prince

I Wish We All Were Nude  By Jo Weldon Photo: Prince on the $19.99 dollar bill. Source unknown. Also, me in my feature dancer days, photographed by the late great J. Stephen Hicks. Thinking of my stripper sisters on Prince's birthday. This is an article I wrote when I heard he had passed. I’ve been stripping for decades, and I’ve literally–and by a large margin–made more money dancing naked to music by Prince than by any other single artist. 
 I started working in strip joints in 1980, at the age of 18. I was eager to get out of my parents’ house and start living the sex drugs and rock n roll life of my dreams. Stripping was certainly a fast track to all of that. Who knows why we want what we want? Lots of people experienced similar influences to mine, similar traumas and privileges, and didn’t want the same. But I knew what I wanted and was hellbound from the minute I got my first set of car keys. 
 I got my chops in Atlanta, which even at the time h