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Feline Friday: BurlyCon Flashback!

I'm still recovering from the awesomeness that was BurlyCon 2019. I'm a co-founder and the Vice-President of BurlyCon, and we spend all year working to make it great. While every year is amazing, this year was possibly the best yet! It was also one of the fiercest! I've been creating leopard print gatherings for years now, but at BurlyCon it's just a natural presence -- I spotted it everywhere! If you didn't get to send me a pic when I posted in the BurlyCon message board, send me one now! I want to see all your leopard -- although this post is just for people who wore leopard print at BurlyCon 2019. If you missed sending me one before this post, I may be able to add it! Email First, check out me with some of the stylish attendees of my Fierce: The History of Leopard Print lecture! <3 a="" add="" an="" and="" at="" board="" burlycon="" but="" c

Get the Gig! (Business of Burlesque)

Want to learn more about how to get gigs in burlesque? Want to be every producer's favorite hire? Jo Weldon has written a 36-page booklet that's all about it -- and it's FREE for NYSB students and readers of this blog! Learn how to please producers, work with emcees, apply for festivals, and more! Approach venues and press prepared to negotiate. Includes several of Jo's most popular articles and an easy system for organizing your music, bios, and photos to make everything easier. To get your copy, open a new email window and put the words "NYSB STUDENT REQUESTING BOOKLET" into the subject line. You'll receive a printable PDF file in return. #getthegig Photo of Jo by Maggie Saniewska