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Interview with Jacqueline Boxx, International Burlesque Headliner and Instructor

Photo c. Stereovision I first got to know Jacqueline Boxx when I was teaching a workshop while on tour, and our relationship has perfectly represented how wonderful it is to get to know people while traveling as a burlesque teacher and performers. The intimacy of getting to know students and fellow performers while on the road, sharing backstages and hotel rooms, is more important to me than the glamour, and I've gotten to spend some quality time with people I consider friends and peers. I was honored to be invited to host the Essential Tease Showcase she co-produced in Baltimore. I had mostly stopped doing interviews, but our conversations after that show lit a fire under me, and I'm excited to be doing new interviews for my blog. If you haven't already met Jacqueline Boxx, prepare to fall in love, and if you already know and love her, prepare to be very proud of your good taste! Stage Name: Jacqueline Boxx Locality: Baltimore, MD Years Pe

Student Showcase May 15 2019!

See the freshest burlesque in the city! New York School of Burlesque Headmistress Jo Weldon, author of The Burlesque Handbook, will introduce new acts by students who are preparing to take the burlesque world by storm. These debut performers have created routines based on their own ideas, choosing their own music, designing their own costumes, and mapping out their own choreography. Come be part of their adventure!  Details and Tickets    Performances by: Kizzy Lewdlow Lilith Lamore Lou Renoir and Belle DeVere  Marlena Magdalene Mary Midnight Rosie Tulips Roxie Maisel Valdeth Vava Valentina Vera Safire Vivienne Von Foxy with Juno Stardust, Stage Kitten   And a few special surprises!   Hosted by Headmistress Jo Weldon, Author of The Burlesque Handbook http://www.schoolofburlesque. com

Tips for Tuesday: How to be Sexy

Above: Eye Contact is everything! Photo by Ben Trivett. Students often ask me how to feel sexier onstage. Of course "being sexy" isn't everyone's goal, but for those who want to learn it or experiment with it, here are some techniques to try! 1) Be present. Stop every other thing you're doing and pay attention to the person or audience that's in front of you. You absolutely cannot do this with your eyes down, so take a deep breath and look around. Meet them where they are. 2) Stand still. Many of us walk around getting unwanted comments from strangers, from insulting and threatening to sexually harassing. This is the moment YOU have chosen to be looked at. Revel in it. Acknowledge that you are giving them permission to look. 3) Let them know you appreciate them. With your face and body language, say, "Thank you for coming. And you may enjoy me. You're welcome." 4) Think to yourself, "I'm sexy." Whether that makes yo

Feline Friday: Legends in Leopard Print

undomesticatedwomen : Burlesque in Leopard Print! Enjoy these vintage images of burlesque queens showing their spots! Thanks to Neil Kez Kendall and Janelle Smith for help with the images! Featuring Naja Karamuru, Lili St Cyr, Marsha Strand, Tempest Storm, Sally Lane, Blaze Starr, Nadira, Bettie Page, and Jennie Lee. Image of Naja Karamuru from I’ve been searching for these images for my History of Leopard Print Project, which you can follow at I travel and give lectures on the topic! Note: This was originally posted on my Tumblr,, three years ago. Now they've hidden most of my posts because they're censoring adult material, so fuck 'em. Filed under  bur

Tips For Tuesday: Music for Burlesque

  Vintage sheet music available at When it comes to burlesque music, the truth is that anything goes! Whatever you love will work. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind. 1) The great music of the early and middle 20th century works because it was made for burlesque, or arranged in a burlesque mode. You never have to use it unless you want to use it, but if you do want to use it, you definitely should. Some people say it's cliche, but I prefer to think of pieces like "Night Train," "Harlem Nocturne," and "Pink Panther" as standards. It's important to know that some burlesque producers and performers are tired of them, but if you want to use this music, ask yourself about the value of their opinions: Were they ever going to pay to come to your show? Does your actual audience love that music? Make your decisions based on your goals. 2) The music sets up audience expectations. You can ful