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Camille 2000, Rest In Power

Above: Archival photos of Camille Above: Photo by Marie Baronnet “ Burlesque legend Camille 2000 ( Camille Sands ) passed away today after a lengthy battle with cancer. “The Girl for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” was awarded ou r 2019 Living Legend Award for her contribution to burlesque. Her work, like her signature "Marquis de Sade" act, consistently pushed against and expanded the boundaries of the art. More than that, she was an active supporter of today's neo-burlesque performers, with a vocal online presence and a steady stream of performances at festivals and local events. She will be deeply missed.” --From The Burlesque Hall of Fame, July 28, 2019 Somewhere on my old phone I have photos from a few years ago of Camille in the bathroom at the Orleans Hotel shoving redhots down the back of my pants. If I find them, I'll add them, but for now I'm sure you can enhance this memory gloriously in your imagination. My birthda

My Birthday Party Show at Coney Island!

Lots of bangin' burlesque from Boo Bess, Cheeky Lane, Fem Appeal, Gal Friday, Jonny Porkpie, Twatley Crue, Veronica Viper, gogo and stage kittening by Quantum Physique, student troupe The Titillations, and special reading by Slutist Kristen Korvette from her upcoming book CatCall!  Plus I'll be hosting and telling sordid stories of my years as a stripper and groupie in the 1980s. Not your usual night of burlesque -- this is a one-time-only event! Details and Tickets

Making a Great First Impression with Your Bio (Business of Burlesque)

Above: Gypsy Rose Lee's memoir. Do you hate writing your bio? Everybody does! But I've done it many many times, for myself as well as for others, and there are ways to make it easier. Your bio serves several functions. In an application, it helps to convince producers you're interesting or qualified. In show promotion, it gives press interview topics and it makes potential audience members curious to see you. During production, it gives the emcee something to say about you before you perform. Thinking about these functions helps you understand what to put into your bio. It's not a resume or CV; it's a snapshot of you, an entertaining teaser about your style. It's ideal if it's fun to read, but professional and realistic. The goal is to get people interested. Quick summary 1-10: 1) Write it in the third person. 2) Since this is a general bio, write it about you rather than about your character or persona, unless you have a specific reason to wr

What Makes a Legend?

Top: Toni Elling by Mike Albov. Below: Camille 2000 by Camille 2000 Camille 2000 and Toni Elling are both under medical care right now. We have lost so many of our legends, and this is a hard day. A burlesque legend is a gift to us all. There have been many discussions about what a burlesque legend is, what eras they should have worked in, what experiences they should have had, what recognition they should have received before they earn the appellation. I understand these concerns and would be willing to have conversations about those details another time (though emphatically not now, at this time I will delete or refuse to respond). Either you get it or you don’t. What’s important to me right now is not what a legend is, but how a legend is. I made a list of just a few of the qualities I have admired in many of our legends, and why they are so important to me. Irreplaceable History. Legends know what it was like to perform burlesque in the eras that infl