A Quickie with Melody Sweets

Jo! Where's your favourite place to buy g-strings? z

A Quickie with Lily Burana

A Quickie with Mr. Murray Hill, Burlesque MC

Jo! What are the best burlesque venues in New York City?

I've been enjoying watching fan dances & am ready to try one. You have a pretty silk fan veil routine on your DVD but your clothes stay on. Do you have tips or resources or inspiration for using fan veils in a striptease?

If you were a rainbow... What treat would you leave at the end for people to find?

How would you deal with a jealous performer who is obsessed with being/doing better than you? She's a former student. This is taking the fun out of burlesque for me. :(

What do you think of MC's that talk trying to gain more cheers from the crowd, during the dancers performance?