You're Never Too Old to Bump It With A Trumpet!

' Former exotic dancer, champion of the arts and seven-time D.C. mayoral candidate Faith is recovering at George Washington Hospital from a case of pneumonia -- brought on, says her husband, when the 83-year-old performer was denied her chance for a Broadway comeback. Faith Dane was 36 years old when she landed the role of Mazeppa in the legendary 1959 Broadway musical "Gypsy," starring Ethel Merman....Last month, Faith filed an age discrimination complaint against the theater and casting company with New York State's Division of Human Rights. '
Faith: Broadway Has No You-Know-What in Me.

I have to say, if she was in the production, I would certainly be more determined to see the show!

Sugar Baby blows it Mazeppa Style at Fisherman and Bambi's Love Luau at Coney Island.

I found this article in Kelly DiNardo's Candy Pitch.


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